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By Non-Belmont Providers

Programs not approved and offered by the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) for direct credit are considered non-Belmont programs.

Students planning on enrolling in a study-abroad program not approved through Belmont must follow the policies and procedures found on the Transfer Credit Section of the Undergraduate Catalog- Transfer Policy for International (Study Abroad) credits.  

Students will be required to withdraw from the university. Withdrawals are granted by the Registrar’s Office. Belmont financial aid does not follow students who are withdrawn from the university. Please consult with Student Financial Services for information regarding federal financial aid and withdrawals.

NOTE: Students participating on a non-Belmont approved program who receive a foreign transcript may need to have their academic work abroad evaluated by World Education Services or an evaluation service currently listed as a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES);(see in order to transfer the credit back into Belmont. Costs are associated with this process.

Here is some information about how non-Belmont programs differ from approved programs:

  • Non-Belmont programs receive transfer credit which means that the credit hours will transfer back in most cases along with your grades.  The grades will be designated with a T to signify transfer credit on your academic record.  These grades will be applied to your overall GPA but not your institutional GPA as courses from a Belmont approved program. Transfer credit may sometimes be applied to majors and minors, but each department handles this process differently.
  • To study on a non-Belmont program during the academic year, students are strongly encouraged to complete a Withdraw Permission Form from the university by contacting the Registrar’s Office. This ensures notification the student will be away from Belmont during a disclosed period in study abroad with intentions to return.  A withdrawal form is not necessary for summer programs. Upon return a student will need to complete a basic readmit form with Belmont admissions. Students choosing to use an international study abroad vendor/provider, (outside of Belmont's Study Abroad) should be aware that transfer of those credits are not guaranteed regardless of promises made by that international education provider or other American universities that may accept those credits. All students still electing to use a non-Belmont study abroad program must have those course / credits evaluated after completion by an approved third party expert international credit evaluation company.
  • Students who are withdrawn from the university are not considered Belmont students during the semester(s) that they are away, and this may affect aspects of their financial aid package, such as grace period for repayment of student loans. Discuss your plans with Student Financial Services to ensure that you understand the repercussions of choosing a non-Belmont program.