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Photo Credit: Erin Gould


Belmont in Chile: Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: From Dictatorship to a Thriving Developed Economy

March 2, 2018 - March 11, 2018
Chile is a country on the rise.This phrase may be taken both literally and figuratively, as the Andes mountains to its east push the land up to some of the highest elevations of South America, and as its political life, economy, and culture have improved in ways that may have seemed impossible ten years ago. Indeed, Chile in the 21st Century is one of the single most exciting, and worthwhile destinations in the Americas. Chile is one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations, and the Chilean economy is recognized internationally as one of the most secure, open and competitive in Latin America. Students who participate in this program will learn about the entrepreneurial and business environment. We will study how recent changes to economic policies have supported the emergence of a thriving entrepreneurial and international business ecosystem. We will join students from the Universidad de Santiago and work on a joint case study. We will visit several startup companies as well as some international corporations. The cultural experiences of the trip include hiking, horseback riding, or whitewater rafting in the Andes mountains.
AREA OF STUDY: Economics, Entrepreneurship
CONTACT: Jose Gonzalez or Marieta Velikova

La Facultad de Economía y Negocios (FEN) de la Universidad de Chile (Exchange Partner): Santiago, Chile

Spring/Fall/Academic Year
Choose from a variety of business courses when you study with Belmont's Exchange partner, La Facultad de Economía y Negocios (FEN) de la Universidad de Chile, in Santiago, Chile.
AREA OF STUDY: Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management and more
CONTACT: Bonnie Marschner

CEA Study Abroad (External Program Provider) 

Chile: Viña del Mar
Semester, Academic Year, Summer
Chile's fourth-largest city invites with attractions such as an annual music festival, relative proximity to Santiago without the capital city's hustle and bustle, easy access to many of Chile's natural attractions and a safe and supportive study environment. Known as the “Garden City”, students have the opportunity make Vina del Mar a living classroom.  This location partners with The University of Vina del Mar and offers Spanish language courses for all proficiency levels. Students also have the option to take integrated courses with Chilean students. 
AREA OF STUDY: Spanish Language and Culture, Business, Latin American Studies
 Bonnie Marschner

CIEE (External Program Provider)

Spring/Fall/Academic Year/Summer

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Valparaiso, Chile 

Havana, Cuba

Dominican Republic: Santiago, Santo Domingo 

Guanajuato, Mexico 

Spain: Alcala, Alicante, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Sevilla

AREA OF STUDY: Spanish Language and Culture
CONTACT: Bonnie Marschner

CIEE (External Program Provider)

Chile: Santiago, Valparaiso
Semester, Year, Summer

Bordered to the east by the Andes mountains and to the west by the Pacific Ocean, Chile is home to beautiful,contrasting landscapes, a rapidly developing economy, rich history and a wealth of secrets for you to uncover. Enjoy urban centers, modern resort cities, local arts, beaches and recreation facilities. Enroll directly in a wide range of elective courses at three prestigious universities. Study business abroad in Santiago, one of Latin America’s most modern and dynamic cities. Or, build your beginner Spanish skills though the ‘Language in Context’ program which is designed specifically for students who want to study abroad in Latin America and have little to no background in the language. With a host of community service projects, homestays, excursions to deserts and coastal cities, and direct enrollment options, you won’t just study a culture with CIEE study abroad in Chile, you’ll immerse yourself in it.
AREA OF STUDY: Business, Spanish Language and Culture, Latin American Studies, Liberal Arts (See individual program listings for more details)
CONTACT: Bonnie Marschner