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Belmont in Valencia, Spain

Belmont in Spain: FULL

International Business and Culture in Valencia, Spain

Spend four weeks in the historical Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain and complete a concentrated study in a wide array of courses of your choosing including Art, Business, Humanities, and Spanish culture

This program is a unique opportunity to provide students with a concentrated study in the historic Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain. Though most courses will take place in a classroom setting, they are designed to take make use of Valencia as a "classroom." Students have the opportunity to visit local businesses and cultural organizations and learn firsthand about Valencia in the larger European business context. Classes are held Monday-Thursday with optional study trips and other field-work on Fridays and weekends.

Program Dates:
Summer Study Abroad: June 29 to August 3, 2017

Interest Meeting:


Students can choose to take 3-9 hours from the following courses:

Introduction to Archaeology (3 hours)
General Biology for Non-Majors (3 hours)
Business Communications (3 hours)
International Travel & Culture (3 hours)
Conversational Spanish for Hospitality Managers (3 hours)
European Tourism (3 hours)
Humanities: Special Topics (3 hours)
Food and Society (3 hours)
When Culture & Business Collide (3 hours)
Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
Multinational Business Operations (3 hours)
Basic Marketing Concepts (3 hours)
Professional Selling (3 hours)
Introduction to the Mass Media (3 hours)
Music in World Cultures (3 hours)
The Music of Spain (3 hours)
Introduction to Public Relations (3 hours)
Regional Cultural Studies (3 hours)
Hispanic Cinema (3 hours)
INB 3300: International Business (online) (3 hours)
ENG 3950: Third Year Writing (online) (3 hours)
REL 3950: Religion Junior Cornerstone (online) (3 hours)

  • Open to qualified Belmont students
  • Students can be from any discipline
  • Undergraduate students need GPA of 2.5 or above
Costs: Program Fee + Tuition + Airfare

1)     Program Fee: $5,500

Includes housing, airport pickup, four meal vouchers per week while school is in session [each worth approximately 7 Euros], student id and insurance.  Cost does NOT include airfare, tuition, textbooks, food (except as noted).  Cost of the program could increase due to other unpredictable increases, exchange rate and inflation.  Students do not get refunds for missed excursions or activities.

2)     Belmont Tuition: Tuition is charged at the special study abroad tuition rate of 1/3 the cost of normal Summer tuition. For every 3 hours of study abroad credit you register for, you pay for only one hour.

3)    Airfare: Airfare for this program is not included since many students fly from other destinations (other than Nashville) and choose to route their trips to travel around Europe before/after the program.  Not including the airfare allows some students to use airline miles to schedule their flights.


Undergraduate: Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn six to nine hours of Belmont University credit.


Housing will be provided in the Valencia Study Center or in alternatively arranged student housing (should the Study Center be full). The Valencia Study Center is located in a restored building in the historic downtown quarter, adjacent to the Serrano Towers. The center has been renovated with care for the architectural treasures uncovered during the process. Remains from 4th century Roman ruins combine with a state-of-the-art wireless center including classroom space, administrative offices, a computer lab and self-contained student apartments. All housing options contain small kitchens. Students are also provided with 4 meal vouchers (each worth approximately 7 Euros) per week while school is in session. The vouchers are administered by Chèque Déjeuner and are accepted in over 1,000 restaurants in the Valencia area.

Application Deadlines:

Application Deadline: February 15, 2017
$1,500 Confirmation Deposit due at time of application

Faculty Contacts:
Jose Gonzalez