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Belmont in Europe: CLOSED

European Model of Sport

This ten-day program in Europe offers students the unique opportunity to experience international sports firsthand. The course is designed to introduce the European Model of Sport and to provide students an understanding of the changing context for sport in a global society. While traveling through Portugal and Spain you will hear from sport executives, engage in workshops, participate in organized class discussions, and visit sport facilities and events while enrolled in SAM 2020- Sport in Society. In addition to the many sport-specific activities the course offers, students will also get opportunities to explore cities as Porto and Madrid while taking in architectural and cultural experiences.

We will be visiting the following locations (in order):
• Madrid, Spain
• Salamanca, Spain
• Porto, Portugal
• Sintra, Portugal
• Lisbon, Portugal

We will be involved and learn about with the following sport-specific activities:
• Soccer
• Bull Fighting
• Basketball
• Sailing
• Roller hockey
• Horse racing
• Others

Program Dates
Spring Break Study Abroad: March 1, 2018 - March 11, 2018
  • SAM 2020- Sport in Society
    • (For 1st year MSA students the course counts as SAM 6310: Sport in Society)
Costs: Program Fee + Tuition

1)     Program Fee: $4,000: Includes round-trip airfare from Nashville, accommodations, breakfast, admission all
       museums and events, tour guide, coach transportation and student insurance.

2)     Belmont Tuition: Tuition is charged at the regular spring tuition rate. After a student is registered for 16 hours in the Spring Semester, only then will this course will be charged for one hour instead of three.

Graduate: Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn three hours of Belmont University credit.
Application Deadlines:

November 15, 2017

Faculty Contacts:
Dr. Ted Peetz or Dr. Adam Pfleegor