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Belmont in Haiti

Belmont in Haiti and the Dominican Republic: CLOSED

One Island, Two Countries, Many Cultures

Haiti: May 8 - 18, 2017

Partnering with the International Mission Foundation, students and faculty will explore various NGOs in Haiti.  The work of several NGOs will be explored: (Haitian American Caucus, Soles for Souls, Feed the Hunger, Apparent Project, REBUILDglobally, and Heartline Ministries).  Heartline works with literacy and vocational training for men and women, several orphanages in the area, a maternal health program, as well as other NGO partners. Students will engage the culture and people of Haiti with a concentration on learning about best practices for development.

The Dominican Republic: May 18 -26, 2017

Partnering with the International Justice Mission Students and faculty will travel from Port Au Prince, Haiti to the Dominican Republic where we will spend the remainder of the program in the capital city of Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo provides vast opportunities for learning about the history and culture of the Dominican Republic. Students and faculty will stay in the colonial district of Santo Domingo where there are many museums, as well as opportunities for experiencing the culture through local dance and music experiences. A day at a local beach is also being planned. While in Santo Domingo, students and faculty will be able to engage the work of the International Justice Mission field office in order to learn what this organization is doing to work against human trafficking.

“The Dominican Republic has become a growing hub for trafficking in the Caribbean. IJM’s office will provide rescue and restoration to the children who have been exploited for sex, and will work with authorities to stop the traffickers who abuse them.” (IJM Website)  Students will also participate in service learning with M.E.R.C.Y Jewelry. “M.E.R.CY Jewelry is a part of the DR Vision ( in the Dominican Republic.  Women are reached with the Word of God and taught a skill they can use to support themselves with dignity.  Proceeds from jewelry sales provide education, job training, and refuge for oppressed women in the Dominican Republic.   (M.E.R.C.Y Jewelry website)
Program Dates:
Maymester Study Abroad: May 8 to May 26, 2017


Students enroll in one to three of the following courses:

REL 3950 Questions That Matter: (Jr. Cornerstone, Third-year Religion, Path A or B)

REL 3950 is a problem based learning course that focuses on the complex nature of selected religious questions and the multiple ways people can address these questions. (From the catalogue).  This particular course will focus on questions with respect to poverty.  What does the Bible say about poverty and injustice?  How can human trafficking be stopped?  Why is there poverty in the world?  What role does poverty play in the overall health of a people?  What are we to do about poverty and human trafficking? The course is part of the Belmont in Haiti/Dominican Republic experience. (3 hrs.)

LIS 3950 Global Health Survey: This course is a survey of theoretical knowledge used by multiple disciplines to promote the health of the world’s peoples. (will count as a social science in the general education curriculum) (3 hrs.)

MDS 2950 General Education Social Science:
A hands-on course in which students will write, take photos and produce content for an online website for International Mission Foundation and the International Justice Mission. Students will conduct interviews, write stories and take photographs while on location in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

SET 3950: Haiti: Social Entrepreneurship in Action – Internship for social entrepreneurship majors

ENG 3950 : Third Year Writing will be offered onsite

  • Open to qualified Belmont students
  • Students can be from any discipline
  • Undergraduate students need GPA of 2.5 or above
Costs: Program Fee + Tuition

1)     Program Fee: $5,000 

Covers airfare to and from Nashville, lodging, meals, transportation in-country, on-site support, and student insurance.

2)     Belmont Tuition: Tuition is charged at the special study abroad tuition rate of 1/3 the cost of normal Maymester tuition. For every 3 hours of study abroad credit you register for, you pay for only one hour.


Undergraduate: Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn three to nine hours of Belmont University credit.

Application Deadlines:

February 1, 2017

Faculty Contacts:
Dr. Martha Minardi or Dr. Bernard Turner or Dr. Dorren Robinson or Dr. Amy Hodges-Hamilton