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Financial FAQ

1. Can I apply my scholarships and financial aid to study abroad? 

You will need to contact Alexus Harden in Student Financial Services. She'll be able to tell you if your scholarship will apply to study abroad as well as any financial aid that you receive.

2. Is there a discounted study abroad tuition rate for short-term programs? How does it work? 

For the Belmont faculty-led programs in Maymester or Summer, the cost of these short-term programs is the cost of tuition plus a program fee. A 2/3 discount is applied to the tuition. Therefore, for each 3-hour course you will only be charged for 1 hour of credit.

For example- the program fee for Belmont in Africa is $4500. If you take 2 courses and the current tuition rate is $1000 per credit hour, you will only pay $2000 (the discounted study abroad tuition rate) for the 6 hours of credit. If these 6 hours were taken on campus you would pay $6000 in tuition alone. So, for $500 more you can participate in a study abroad program.

Discounted tuition rates for Adult Degree Programs do not apply. For ADP students, tuition is charged at the standard undergraduate rate and the study abroad tuition discount is then applied.

3. Will I receive the study abroad discounted tuition rate for semester programs if I enroll in over 16 hours? 

Students participating on semester programs will be responsible for paying the full cost of any credit hour exceeding 16 hours just as if they were on campus. • If your total study abroad course load is between 12 – 16 hours there is no additional charge for tuition.

4. How is payment structured for semester programs?

There are 3 types of semester programs: 

Exchange programs
Students will pay regular Belmont tuition through their MyBelmont account AND they will pay room and board directly to the overseas institution. 

Affiliate/Provider Programs & Direct Enroll Institutions
Students will pay for tuition, room and board through their MyBelmont account. The minimum cost for this program type is equal to Belmont tuition. If the actual cost of the program is higher, the student will be billed the difference. If the actual cost of the program is lower, the student will pay the minimum cost.

5. Can I use TMS? 

Yes, this is possible for semester programs.

6. What if my financial aid is not available when the fees are due? 

The costs for study abroad (tuition and/or program fee) will be placed on your MyBelmont account so that when your aid is disbursed, it will be deducted from the outstanding balance on your account. All balances must be paid before you leave the country.

7. If I go on a non-Belmont approved program, can I apply my financial aid and scholarships? 

None of your Belmont scholarships or federal financial aid can be used.