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Involuntary Withdrawal

Involuntary Withdrawal

A student will be subject to immediate involuntary administrative withdrawal from the university, or from university housing, if the student engages or threatens to engage in behavior that (a) poses a danger of causing imminent physical harm to the student or to others, (b) directly and substantially impedes the lawful activities of other members of the campus or (c) engages, or threatens to engage, in behavior which would cause property damage. If a student is withdrawn under the provisions of this paragraph, the student shall be entitled to appeal the decision by giving written notice of appeal to the Dean of Students.

Upon receipt of notice of appeal the dean shall afford the student a hearing at which time the student may present mitigating evidence or evidence of his innocence and reply to evidence presented by others. As is the case in all disciplinary hearings and appeals, the student may not have an attorney present.

A student accused of violating university disciplinary regulations may be diverted by the Dean of Students from the normal disciplinary process if the Dean of Students believes that the student is suffering from a mental or emotional disorder and this disorder has influenced the student’s behavior. In such an event, the dean may refer a student for evaluation, at the student’s expense, by an independent licensed psychiatrist or psychologist chosen by the university. Any pending disciplinary action may be withheld until the evaluation is completed at the discretion of the Dean of Students. A student who fails to cooperate and complete the evaluation may be withdrawn, or referred for disciplinary action, or both.

The Dean of Students, as a condition of continued enrollment at the university, may require the student to secure counseling or therapy.