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Belmont University is committed to supporting student engagement in and out of the classroom and to providing a campus environment that is safe, orderly, and aesthetically pleasing. To this end, posting on campus is permitted by members of the university community subject to the guidelines and approval processes below. (Note: Materials associated with specific academic and departmental information and activities may be posted by university personnel on bulletin boards in departmental offices/areas and are not subject to approval via this posting policy.)

General Guidelines, Access, & Privileges
Posting on campus is permitted only by members of the university community. Specifically, current and recognized student organizations, university departments, academic units, faculty, staff, and students are eligible to post on campus.

Off-campus individuals wishing to advertise non-university information and/or events should contact university agencies maintaining virtual communications:

Housing: Roommate, Lodging, etc.   Office of Housing & Residence Life  615-460-5802
Employment: Jobs, Internships, etc.  Office of Career Services   615-460-6490
Services: Tutoring, Typing, etc  The Vision (Student Newspaper)  615-460-6433
For Sale: Musical instruments, books, etc The Vision (Student Newspaper)  615-460-6433
Posting is permitted only on Bruin Boards and the exterior columns of the Gabhart Student Center. Posting anywhere other than these areas is prohibited. Organizations and/or individuals associated with unauthorized posting may be subject to disciplinary action.

All postings must be approved prior to posting on-campus.  Any posted material lacking university approval (denoted by an original, non-reproduced, dated approval stamp) or posted past the noted date will be removed. The university is not responsible for the condition of posted materials and will not return materials that are removed.

Approved materials may be posted on campus for up to 14 days.

Approval Process, Posting Specifications
A maximum of 20 individual posters per event may be posted. Posting materials may not exceed 11x17.  Organizations wishing to display a banner must seek separate approval via Student Activities.

Individuals wishing to post on campus must complete a Posting Request Form, available in the Office of Student Activities, and submit all materials (actual posters, flyers, etc.) to be posted.

The approval process typically takes 24 hours during the normal business work week.   

In order to be considered, postings must be initiated by a member of the Belmont Community (i.e. current students, faculty, or staff of the university), announce information applicable and/or events open to the entire Belmont University community, and demonstrate direct connection to a member of the Belmont Community or extension of the university's life and work.

Postings with subjects or content that is not consonant with Belmont University's Governing Ideas or Community Commitments are prohibited.  This includes but is not limited to postings that promote the sale or use of alcoholic beverages, the use or sale of tobacco or the use of sexually explicit, obscene, derogatory or inflammatory language. 

Damages and Loss of Privileges
"Chalking" surfaces and taping, stapling, or otherwise affixing materials to painted surfaces and/or glass potentially damages university property and is strictly prohibited. Additionally, flyers may not be placed on vehicles or left in university facilities.

Any organization and/or individual member of the Belmont community found in violation of the Posting Policy is subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, monetary fine, damage assessment, loss of posting privileges, etc. 

Political Campaign Posting Policy
The posting of campaign signs on-campus is prohibited. Exceptions include signs posted by students in their own residence hall rooms or apartments; signage temporarily posted in space reserved by the university or a recognized student organization for a calendared candidate forum, debate or political event.


**Approval for posting of printed materials on university property does not constitute the institution’s endorsement of products, vendors or services mentioned in those materials.**