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Fire Hazzards & Combustible Materials

As an expression of Community Responsibility, specifically in regards to the safety and welfare of our community, combustible materials including, but not limited to, gasoline, gunpowder, flammable chemicals, explosives, etc., are not permitted. Incendiary devices, including fireworks, of any kind are strictly prohibited in university facilities and on the premises of the university. Fire Hazards such as candles, appliances restricted by Residence Life from the Residence Halls, extension cords restricted by Residence LIfe from the Residence Halls, etc. are not permitted. Smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, alarms and fire extinguishers are integral to student and facility safety and are not to be tampered with, disabled or misused in any way. Smoke detectors must remain plugged in (if not battery operated). Due to its significant importance in protecting the community, the university is assertive in addressing violations of this policy.