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Emergency Action

The university may impose emergency action upon a student when there is reason to believe, based upon available information, that the student poses an immediate threat to the safety, health or welfare of persons, property or the orderly operation of the university. This action is warranted by potential or threatened danger or disruption, and used only when the serious nature or immediacy of the threat requires immediate action. The action is interim in nature, pending the response of the disciplinary process.

Emergency action includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Emergency Suspension. This action requires a student to leave university property immediately, and not return during the suspension period, and/or comply with other stated conditions for a specified period. The Associate Provost & Dean of Students and the Associate or Assistant Dean of Students may impose emergency suspension.
  • Emergency Housing Relocation/Removal. This action may be imposed upon a student by the Assoiate Provost & Dean of Students, the Associate or Assistant Dean of Students, and the Director of Residence Life. A student who is removed from housing cannot enter any residence halls. If a student disregards this action, he or she shall be subject to further disciplinary action and may be treated as a trespasser.

Notice of Emergency Action - A student will receive written documentation of any emergency action taken against him or her.

The documentation shall explain the nature, reason for, and duration of the action, as well as any conditions that may apply.

Disregard for Emergency Action - Any student who is suspended on an emergency basis and returns to the campus or university property and/or violates other stated conditions during the specified period shall be subject to further separate action and may be treated as a trespasser. Permission to be on campus for a specific purpose must be requested and obtained in writing or by telephone from the Associate Provost &Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students, and Assistant Dean of Students prior to any conduct contrary to the suspension or restrictions.

Following the imposition of emergency action, standard university disciplinary process shall be provided as expeditiously as possible.