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Community Commitments

Belmont University’s success in achieving its mission and vision is highly dependent on the quality of the community it creates among its participants. Its high aspirations for students’ experience and development rest upon and are reflected by high aspirations for individual and community interactions throughout university life. As part of the overall Code of Conduct, five commitments undergird the institution’s policies and inform its expectations for members of the university community; these five commitments are: Individual Worth, Personal Integrity, Critical Thinking, Self-Control, and Community Responsibility.

Students behavior is expected to model these commitments. Each student’s enrollment and participation in university life is conditioned upon behavior that is consistent with these commitments. Students who engage in behavior that betrays the university’s Community Commitments or fails to conform to the policies based on them will be subject to disciplinary action. Refer to the jurisdiction statement under the Adjudication Process section of the Bruin Guide for the full extent to which student behavior may be addressed.

Community Commitment Pledge

Upon matriculating to Belmont, students pledge the following:
“As a member of the Belmont University community, I commit myself to affirm individual worth, uphold personal integrity, apply critical thinking, practice self-control and accept community responsibility. In committing myself to these principles, I agree to exemplify behavior which is consistent with the university’s Code of Conduct."

Belmont University Conduct Policies

Based on these Community Commitments, Belmont University has developed policies to assist its members in understanding what is expected of them, and to assist the community at large in operating more smoothly, effectively, and safely. Knowledge of these policies and/or expectations is the student’s responsibility and will enable her/him to navigate successfully within the university community. For more information on these policies, please review the Bruin Guide. The Bruin Guide is available online.