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Student Org Behavioral Expectations

Student organization recognition comes with many privileges.  With those privileges come expectations related to the behavior of student leaders and organizational members.  Leaders and members of student organizations at Belmont University are expected to uphold all facets of the University's Community Commitments and other policies found in The Bruin Guide.  As an expression of the institution's vision, mission and values, student organizations and their members are expected to commit themselves to individual worth; personal integrity; critical thinking; self-control; and community responsibility.  Additionally, when engaging in organizational activity, leaders and members are expected to:

  • Positively represent the overall character, mission and values of Belmont University. Actions within the group, programs sponsored and the overall reputation of the organization ought to illustrate and advance the mission and Community Commitments of the university and model its highest aspirations for life in community. As a Christian university, we expect our student organizations and their members to behave in a manner that represents the Christian ideals of stewardship, faith, service and honesty.
  • Conduct a consistent life on and off campus, on and off duty, in real and virtual/on-line contexts because credibility depends on student organization leaders and members acting in congruence with both their personal and university values regardless of the context of their actions.
  • Comply with university policies regarding expression, discussion and debate. Such activity may not disrupt the orderly functioning of the university.
  •  Actively value and honor the similarities, differences and contributions of every individual as a unique and contributing member of the Belmont University community.