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Organizational Activity

Belmont University affirms students' opportunities to be involved in the campus and community, and student organizations provide one avenue to enrich the co-curricular experience.  Organizational activity significantly influences individual experience and the campus culture in general.  For this reason, the activities of student organizations' members and guests are expected to be congruent with the University's Community Commitments and to abide by all University rules, policies and procedures.  This expectation applies to all organizational activities both on and off campus.

Additionally, activities planned or hosted by an individual member(s) of an organization may be considered organizational activities.  Please note: the degree to which an organization is responsible for the activity of its members is not necessarily dependent upon the number of members engaging in the activity.  When the act, event, or activity grows out of, or is directly related to, the student organization's activities or an environment created and knowingly permitted by the organization, or when a member of an organization is violating local, state or federal law, the organization may be held responsible and may be subject to disciplinary action.

The following questions guide consideration of whether an event will be considered organizational activity:

  • What is the purpose of the activity?
  • Who is attending the activity? Why are they attending? Is it mandatory for members?
  • What resources on funding are supporting the event?
  • How is the event being publicized or communicated?
  • Has organizational leadership (e.g. President, Advisor, Chairperson, etc.) helped to coordinate this activity or is leadership participating?
  • Would a reasonable person think this activity is associated with your organization?

Belmont University is not responsible for any injury, damage, debt or other liability caused by the acts or omissions of student organizations that are in violation of the University's Community Commitments, Student Organization Behavioral Expectations or other university policies found in The Bruin Guide.

If your organization needs assistance in determining if an activity is organizational in nature, a member should contact the Office of Student Activities for clarification prior to the activity.