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Divisional DNA

Student Affairs DNA

Just as an individuals's DNA is invisible and internal but determines his or her visible attributes a collection of fundamental convictions and beliefs undergird the life and work of the Division of Student Affairs and powerfully shape the priorities, interactions and style of educational leaders that serve in it.

The Division of Student Affairs is purposeful in preparing students to live and learn successfully during their time at the university. Its aspirations to this end and the commitments shaping its character and interactions with all members of the campus community can be found in the Divisional DNA. We trust our actions consistently express the ideas espoused in these documents.

  1. Purposeful Relationships: The Division's perspective on the role of relationships in our work.
  2. "We Believes:" The Division's core beliefs that are expressed in the context of our work.
  3. Aspiration & Inspiration: The Division's mission and vision document.
  4. Retention Reconsidered: The Division's role in student success.