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Student Issues

The Dean of Students Office is a central place on campus to address students’ concerns and assist in the resolution of issues. To that end, we have several programs in place to assist students and their families.

Complaints & Grievances
Any student who believes he or she has been treated inappropriately or unfairly by a university employee or process may seek resolution through the Dean of Students office. The Associate Provost and Dean of Students serves as the primary coordinator of response and support to students with concerns or those in crisis. Students may file a formal complaint by e-mailing deanofstudents@belmont.edu describing the treatment, action or decision at issue and the remedy sought. Complaints will be investigated or referred to other offices as necessary. Because the university already has identified several mechanisms for dispute resolution (e.g. the Grade Appeal process), students who contact the Dean of Students Office may be redirected to established channels or the dean of an academic college if these have not already been engaged. A written response regarding the issue will be sent to the student who initiated the complaint within 30 days. 

The Dean of Students Advisory Group (DoSAGE)
Each year, the Associate Provost and Dean of Students convene a group of select students to serve as advisors to the Dean of Students Office. They comprise the Dean of Students Advisory Group and meet several times during the year to offer feedback and opinions about the student experience. As the name implies, this regular dose of insight into life under the tower from those who are living it, helps keep our policies and perspectives current and student-centered. 

Student Concern System
As a primary resource within the Dean of Students’ Office, the Student Concern System is a communication resource designed for all members of the Belmont University community to use to report non-emergency concerns about a student’s health or safety. The Dean of Students’ Office encourages all Belmont employees and students to utilize the electronic form below to share your concern, large or small. Professional staff will assist in identifying the type of concerns expressed and connect those concerns to helpful resources on an as needed basis.

Student Concern System is not 911 and should only be utilized for non-life threatening concerns. Please contact Campus Security for all immediate safety concerns 615-460-6911. Student Concern System notifications are informational only, and actions taken by the Dean of Students’ Office to concerns submitted are confidential and do not result in return correspondence.

Please provide as much information as possible. Information supplied greatly assists in determining/following up on concerns. If a concern escalates, and/or risk to the student and/or community is critical, please contact Campus Security at 615-460-6911 after hours or the Dean of Students Office at 615-460-6407 during business hours.


If you aren’t sure where to start with an issue or concern, the Dean of Students Office is a good place to start. Call us at 615-460-6407 or contact us via email at deanofstudents@belmont.edu.