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Assistive Technology

The following information includes a list of assistive technology resources available for students to use on campus.  For more information about these resources and their location on campus contact the Office of Accessibility Services.

  • Color Closed Circuit Television - a stand alone television magnifier that allows a student with low vision to enlarge and view materials on the monitor. 
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking - a voice recognition input system for persons with manual dexterity impairments or written expression learning disabilities. Users enter text into the computer by speaking and control the computer operations with voice commands. 
  • JAWS - a text to speech reading software utilized by students with visual impairments or blind. 
  • Scanners - used to scan text to an electronic format to be read using the text to speech reading software.
  • Zoomtext - screen and font enlargement software utilized by students with visual impairments.