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Faculty and Staff Home

Patrick Schneider, Ph.D.

Patrick Schneider
Department Chair and Associate Professor
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Tennessee
Specialization: Exercise Science
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Nick Bacon, Ph.D.

Nick Bacon

Associate Professor
Doctorate of Philosophy, The University of Alabama
Specialization: Human Performance, Exercise Science
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Tabby Bewley, D.A.

Tabby Bewley

Associate Professor
Doctorate of Arts, Middle Tennessee State University
Specialization: Physical Education
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Ted Peetz, Ph.D.

Ted Peetz

Assistant Professor
Doctorate of Philosophy, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Specialization: Sport Education Leadership
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 Stephen Shin, Ph.D.

Stephen Shin
Assistant Professor
Doctorate of Philosophy, University of New Mexico
Specialization: Sport Administration, Sport Marketing
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Sarah Adams, D.A.

Sarah Adams

   Associate Professor
   Doctorate of Arts, Middle Tennessee State University
   Specialization: Physical Education
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Marnie Vanden Noven, DPT
 Marnie Vanden Noven

Assistant Professor
Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Specialization: Athletic Training
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Holly Huddleston, M.S.

Holly Huddleston

M.S., University of Memphis
Specialization: Exercise and Sport Science
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Cindy Warner, M.ACC..
Administrative Assistant
B.S. and M.Acc. Belmont University
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