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Social Work Fellowship Dinners

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Spring Chili Supper
Professor Simpler started this tradition in 1984 in her fifth year as a professor at Belmont. It seemed like a fun way of getting students, faculty and staff together in a setting away from campus. From the beginning the students have enjoyed the hospitality of spending an evening in a professor's home where they eat homemade chili and desserts.

This years's fall event was held at Julie Hunt's house and we had a "Pasta Your Way" pasta bar provided by the Social Work faculty and staff as well as yummy homemade desserts.  Around 68 faculty, staff, students, and guests enjoyed the wonderful food and fellowship.

The Spring Chili Supper was held at Jenny Crowell's house.  There was a wide variety of chili and desserts made fresh by the social work faculty and staff.  It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and making connections with other social work students.

2014 Dinner
The Social Work students get together twice a year at a professor's home for food, fun, and fellowship. 

Dinner Photo

Dinner Photo


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