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Child Welfare & Family

Child welfare social workers are advocates for children, our most vulnerable population.  Social workers protect the basic rights of every child to food, shelter, clothing, and a nurturing environment.  Many families who find themselves unable to meet these basic needs are able to receive assistance and find help to resolve the problems that threaten the well-being of their children.
Child welfare social workers work to support families and prevent problems that may result in neglect, abuse, or exploitation.  They stress family stability by assessing and building on family strengths while addressing their needs.  Social workers also advocate to rid society of social conditions that negatively affect children and families, such as inadequate housing, poverty, substance use, domestic violence, and lack of access to health care.  Social workers support vulnerable families and intervene when necessary to ensure the safety of children.

Potential Employers:
•  Adoption agencies
•  Child day care
•  Foster care agencies
•  Family preservation agencies
•  Public child welfare agencies
•  Private child welfare agencies

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Social Work Department  |  Phone: 615-460-6401