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Aging & Gerontology

Many of today’s older Americans are healthy, active, educated, financially secure, politically involved, and mobile.  Social work with older people and their caregivers will see growth in the areas of retirement planning, community development and advocacy, adult leisure and recreational programming, employment training and counseling, volunteer and long-term care services, mutual aid and self-help programming, travel and wellness programs, and adult and lifelong learning projects.

The aging of our population comes with inherent challenges.  We are living longer and often with more health problems. Social workers form an important link between older adults and the services designed to help them live with independence and dignity and to achieve maximum potential during later life.  Social work with older adults focuses on the physical, psychological, social, and economic aspects of daily living.
Social work with older people may occur in any number of settings, from public agencies and private corporations to adult day care centers, nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, and home care programs.

Potential Employers:
•  Hospitals and medical centers
•  Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms
•  Nursing homes
•  Senior centers
•  Area agencies on aging
•  Senior volunteer programs
•  Senior housing facilities
•  Mental health centers
•  Family services agencies
•  Employee assistance programs

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