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Community Events

group of faculty and students pose at basketball gameSocial Work Day on the Hill
Social Work Day on the Hill is an annual event that is sponsored by the National Association of Social Workers. Practitioners, educators and students from all over the state come together at Legislative Plaza to discuss the policy responses to the issues that impact our profession and the clients we serve. In addition to presenting knowledgeable speakers and legislators, the event serves as a call to action and is a unifying experience that links the practice community to social welfare policy.

students pose at elementary school where they hosted a party for kindergarteners

Una Elementary School
Each year the Social Work Club hosts one or two events for students at Una Elementary School. The inner-city school children delight in celebrating holidays with activities provided by the social work students.  This year's event included refreshments, a craft project, and presenting the students with a cloth tote bag full of school supplies, gloves, socks, a hat, and healthy snacks.

Belmont's Literacy Day
Each spring, Belmont hosts a Literacy Day for the neighborhood children.  Our students gather on the lawn, sitting on blankets, and read to the students.  This event is fun for all that participate.

Other Club Events

Each year there are events and activities organized by the members according to the interests of the group members and the needs of the community.  In recent semesters we have organized a school supply and hygiene drive for students at Jere Baxter Middle School, we have collected food in support of Luke 14:12 organization, we have had a book club to discuss some of Brene Brown's work, and we have visited local service organizations like Thistle Farms. We would love to have your ideas and involvement in our student social work club!

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