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Jennifer Crowell

Jennifer Crowell

I have worked as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Social Work since 2008. Since arriving at Belmont, I have taught in the Human Behavior Sequence, School Social Work, Social Work Research, Introduction to Social Work, and First Year Seminar. I received my doctorate in 2007 from the College of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee in 1999 and my Masters of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee in 2003.

From my work as a teacher-counselor at a treatment program affiliated with Vanderbilt University, to my time in the Tennessee State Comptroller’s Office and more recent work in the area of women’s health education, I have gained valuable experience in both policy and direct practice.  This experience has served as a solid foundation for both my time in the classroom as well as my current research agenda, wherein I have focused on health disparities related to gender.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, my two daughters Mae and Lila Jean, as well as running, reading, hiking, and listening to live music around Nashville.

Throughout my time at Belmont, I have been continuously honored and humbled to participate in the development and growth of students. I feel it is my great privilege to share in their journey toward becoming competent and effective social work practitioners who not only have a command of the facts related to their area of practice, but also have the ability to respond to new information and situations in thoughtful, measured, and responsible ways.

Social Work Department  |  Phone: 615-460-6401