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Louise Carter Fallis Award

In 1996, Richard Fallis, then Dean of the School of Humanities and Education, established the Louise Carter Fallis award in social work to honor the memory of his mother. Mrs. Fallis felt a calling to Christian service and work with the poor. Following that calling, she earned a graduate degree in Christian Education and Social Work. She then served the Baptist Sunday School Board writing curriculum materials and teaching in a seminary extension program.

Although she was never employed as a social worker, Mrs. Fallis gave tirelessly to programs for social justice. Dr. Fallis remembers at the height of the Civil Rights era while he was a teenager, he and his family were passing through Montgomery, Alabama and happened to visit the State Capitol. At that point, George Wallace had said Martin Luther King, Jr. would never set foot in the place. In the governor's office, there was a visitor's book in which Mrs. Fallis promptly signed Dr. King's name. When the young Richard Fallis looked a little startled, Mrs. Fallis whispered to her son, 'That'll give George something new to worry about'.

It is with that spirit of social justice and caring that each year we honor the outstanding social work graduate with this award. Along with that, we thank Dr. Fallis and his family for this award. We are honored that the award is continuing even though Dr. Fallis is no longer at Belmont University. We wish him well in his work at Mercer University.

Darby Janss posing with her award.Here is a list of seniors who have won this honor.

2018: Darby Janss (pictured right)

2017: Amber Baack

2016: Carina Dente

2015: Elena Harmon

2014: Meghann Searcy

2013: Alex Wells

2012: Kelsey Lalman

2011: Serena Sherrill

2010: Whitney Harold Davis

2009: Hannah Olson

2008: Laura Gulker Leach<

2007: Misty Yarbrough

2006: Yolanda Bennett

2005: Kristen Vance

2004: Rachel Messer

2003: Tara Lawson Loftis

2002: Becky Julian

2001: Jennifer Huddleston

2000: Catherine "Peach" Bowers

1999: Rachel Delary

1998: Stephanie Miller

1997: Amy Houk

1996: Amy Durham

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