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DeEbony Groves Social Work Diversity Endowed Scholarship

The DeEbony Groves Social Work Diversity Endowed Scholarship is an annual award designed to support the education of a Belmont Social Work major and contribute to the continued development of a diverse community of learners.

The diversity award was first distributed in the academic year 2014-2015, and in May of 2018 the name of the scholarship was changed to the DeEbony Groves Social Work Diveristy Scholarship. The name was changed in honor and memory of one of our beloved student social work majors, DeEbony Groves. DeEbony’s life was taken too soon, but it is our hope and prayer that this award in her name will enable future students to achieve some of the same goals DeEbony had set for herself, particularly in the areas of appreciating, honoring and respecting diversity in all its dimensions.

This annual award is made possible due to the donations of alumni and other friends of the department who are committed to increasing diversity and awareness of diversity, and who want to honor DeEbony’s memory in this way.

Students who are interested in seeking the award will apply in the fall semester of each academic year. The application consists of a few brief demographic questions and an essay regarding the student's understanding of the importance of diversity in our profession.

The application for the award and the date it is due are released by October of each academic year. In accordance with university policy, we are unable to award the scholarship to a University College student.

Recipients of the DeEbony Groves Social Work Diversity Endowed Scholarship

Elizabeth Narvaez-Vega posing with her award.2017-2018: Elizabeth Narvaez-Vega

2015-2016: Kyle Stockard

2014-2015: Kawal Jooma