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Catholic Charities of Tennessee Refugee Services

There are many volunteering options at the Catholic Charities of Tennessee Refugee Services. These options include:

  • English Language Tutor: The English Language Tutor’s goal is to assist homebound refugees in learning English.
  • Interpreter -Translation Assistant: Assist refugees by interpreting at various meetings at Catholic Charities or other locations. Translating important papers so the refugee understands specific documents and their importance. Skills of different levels would be evaluated by CC Staff to ensure the most proficient persons possible would work in these capacities.
  • Bus Orientation Assistant - Teacher: Help newly arrived refugee clients learn to navigate public transit.
  • Family Mentor (American Friend): The Mentor’s goal is to be a friend to a newly arrived refugee family, assisting them in acclimating to American culture and their move toward self sufficiency.
  • Office Assistant: The Office Assistant’s goal is to assist program staff in entering data, compiling information for reports, and filing important documents.
  • Personal Shopper Clothing: The Personal Shopper’s goal is to assist refugee clients in selecting clothing items for themselves and their family members that are appropriate for current weather conditions, school, work, and play.
  • Elders Program Assistant: Your goal is to help facilitate a welcoming, engaging, and smooth-functioning social meeting for lively Refugee Elders by working with the Program Coordinator and other volunteers within a fun, weekly program setting.
  • Resettlement Case Aid Assistant: The Resettlement Case Aid Assistant’s goal is to assist program staff with activities that augment basic resettlement services.
  • Youth Program Assistant: The Youth Assistant’s goal is to help refugee students improve their academic performance and attain their goals for the future. (ALL Volunteer’s must be 18+)
  • Transportation Assistant: The Transportation Assistant’s goal is to help refugees safely reach and return from various appointments and specific destinations in a timely fashion.

For more information, please contact Aaron Toran, Jr. via email at atoran@cctenn.org or by phone at (615) 248.5989

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Mentors for Middle School Athletes

Andy Cole, coach of a local 8th grade inner city AAU basketball team has several players who have the ability to pursue a future in collegiate basketball, but are having trouble behaving in school and outside of school. Most are fatherless.

He interested in attaining male volunteers to mentor the players. It is hoped tht volunteers could meet once weekly with the players, come to some games, and just generally show the support that they are missing from their home lives.

For more information, contact Andy Cole, Nashville Burners AAU basketball coach, andrewmaxcole@gmail.com, 606.425.6668.

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