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Medical and Social Services

Medical/Social Services

Alive Hospice

Alive Hospice is seeking volunteers in the Antioch, Lebanon and Woodbury communities to help make a difference in the lives of terminally ill patients and their families. The nonprofit agency encourages interested persons to contact its Volunteer Services staff at 615-327-1085 (or 1-800-327-1085 for Woodbury residents) for more information about volunteer opportunities.

Alive Hospice volunteers serve in a variety of ways such as visiting patients in their home communities, offering companionship and providing respite for patients’ family members. Some offer special services to patients with music therapy, pet therapy, massage therapy and hair care. Alive Hospice volunteers receive training before they begin making visits.

For more information about Alive Hospice, call 615-327-1085 or visit

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Department of Veteran's Affairs

Volunteer Opportunities with our Nation's Heroes: Our Veteran Patients

Ambassador Program:Assist our veterans by giving directions in the facility, pushing a wheelchair, answering questions.

Administrative:Meet and greet patients in clinic areas, answer phones, filing, preparing packets of information for patients, etc...

Patient Wards:Visit with patients – many don't have a lot of visitors, pass out ice water, take patients to clinic appointments, assist staff with assorted tasks.

Patient Surveys:Assist staff with patient satisfaction surveys making sure that we are meeting the needs of our veterans.


Department of Veterans Affairs
Tennessee Valley Healthcare System
1310 24th Ave. S.
Nashville, TN 37212

Voluntary Service
Phone:(615) 327-5347

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Guardian Hospice

Guardian Hospice exists to offer palliative (comfortable) care to those who are experiencing end of life issues. They provide a complete program of services to the patient and their family on a 24/7 basis. They serve Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Hickman and Williamson Counties.

Guardian Hospice needs volunteers to make a difference in someone's life. For just a small investment of time (1-2 hrs weekly or monthly) you can play a vital role in helping patients and their families cope with the struggles that so often accompany the last phase of life. Some example of how you can help include:

  • Visiting with patients, talking to them about their lives.
  • Running essential errands, delivering prepared meals.
  • Sharing you life and memories with the patient.
  • Organizing activities for patients and/or visiting in nursing homes.

These are but a few of the opportunities that are available for you to give back to your community. If you are interested, contact Linda Giddens, Volunteer Coordinator, 615-330-0050.

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Interfaith Dental Clinic

The Interfaith Dental Clinic was founded to bring people of all faiths together in a healing ministry, serving uninsured, low-income, working individuals, their families and the elderly through quality, affordable, comprehensive dental care, oral disease prevention services and oral health education. The Interfaith Dental Clinic relies heavily on volunteer support to help reduce the cost of delivering care to their patients. Last fiscal year, 4,895 hours were donated by over 300 dental professional and community volunteers. As a result, Interfaith was able to provide a record $2.3 million in services produced and accommodate 7,376 patient visits. This would not have been possible without the help of volunteers. As the clinic grows, so does the need for volunteers.

Interfaith's volunteer program is designed to meet the interests of both clinical and non-clinical volunteers and offers a variety of opportunities to serve those in need in the community. Volunteers typically work for a 3 or 4 hour period and most sign up to come once or twice monthly or quarterly.

Non-Clinical Volunteer Opportunities include: Special Events Support, Patient Care / Front Desk Support, Administrative, Data Entry, Volunteer Program Support, Development and Fundraising, Translators, Researchers, Social Entrepreneurs and plenty of additional opportunities are available.

If you would like to learn about opportunities for volunteering in a clinical or non-clinical capacity, please e-mail Betsy Buntin, Volunteer Coordinator, and include your interests, skills, experience and any questions. You may also call her at 615-329-4790 x102. You do not need a dental background to help out at the clinic.

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National Children's Study

The National Children’s Study being conducted at Vanderbilt University, has the following needs:

  • Volunteer hours requested: approximately 15-20 hrs per month (may include some Saturday volunteering)
  • Needed Volunteers: 8-12
  • Volunteering period: ongoing
  • Volunteer Responsibilities: Distributing study recruitment materials within Davidson County and Staffing community events. Overall goal is to get information about the study out to the Davidson county community.

Contact Person: Tonya Brown,

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Renewal House

Renewal House is Nashville's first, largest, and most comprehensive long-term recovery community for women with substance use addictions and their children. We help women and families make a fresh start in life and break the cycle of addiction for future generations.

Renewal House Volunteer Job Descriptions

The following are brief descriptions of our most common volunteer opportunities. Each position has a detailed job description that can be obtained through the Renewal House Volunteer Coordinator.

GED Tutor:GED Tutors work one-on-one with mothers to help them get ready for their GED tests. This includes helping the mother develop study skills and reviewing GED preparation books. Hours are agreed on by the volunteer and mother.

Parent Partner: Parent Partners assist Renewal House mothers in developing parenting skills, understanding child development and applying this knowledge to their children. Parenting materials, such as videos, are available through Renewal House. Hours are agreed on by the volunteer and mother.

Transportation Volunteer: In this position, volunteers work with staff and clients to help transport families to appointments. This could include transporting individual clients or helping transport clients for special events.

Vocational Partner: Volunteers in this position help mothers improve their job skills. This includes everything from selecting a wardrobe to helping moms prepare for job interviews. Hours are agreed on by the volunteer and mother.

Computer Lab Partner: This position allows the volunteers to work one-on-one with mothers to learn basic computer skills. Renewal House has a computer lab and curriculum to assist volunteers. Hours are agreed on by the volunteer and mother.

Childcare Volunteer: In this position, volunteers supplement Renewal House childcare staff. Renewal House provides regular childcare three nights a week while mothers are involved in various group activities. Volunteers help our staff provide entertaining and educational activities for children.

"Outside the Box" Volunteer: Got talent, skills or creativity? Work with Renewal House to create a unique, one-time volunteer project for Renewal House families.

Group Volunteer Projects:

  • Prepare an apartment for a family - "Adopt an Apartment"
  • Sponsor an outing for families
  • Plant flowers and shrubs


Volunteer Coordinator
Phone:(615) 255-5222 ext. 111

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Siloam Family Health Center

Siloam's volunteer program offers clinical and non-clinical opportunities to those with an interest in serving the neediest in this community. Contact Siloam Volunteer Services staff for more information and to sign up for a volunteer orientation. Orientation session are held once per month, either on the 2nd Monday of each month from 5-7pm or the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9-11am. Those wishing to volunteer with the clinical staff must have a certification. Volunteers do not need a medical background to volunteer in non-clinical areas.

Contact Blair McLeod, the Volunteer Coordinator, at 615-298-5406 ext. 126 for details.

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