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S-L Courses Fall 2010

Service-Learning Courses - Fall 2010

These courses either had the service-learning designation or included a service-learning component.

Class Number

    Class Name     Professor/Instructor
AET 4015.01S

Senior Practicum Capstone Timmy Tappan
BIO 2500.01S

Botany Darlene Panvini
EDU 2100.01S

Foundations of Education Myron Oglesby-Pitts
EDU 2100.02S

Foundations of Education Myron Oglesby-Pitts
ENG 1010.15S

First-Year Writing Charmion Gustke
ENG 1010.17S

First-Year Writing Charmion Gustke
ENG 1010.23S

First-Year Writing Kristen House
ENG 3010.01S

Third-Year Writing Jason Lovvorn
ENG 3010.02S

Third-Year Writing Jason Lovvorn
ENV 1110.01S

Intro to Environmental Science Darlene Panvini
MDS 3100.01S

Covering Diverse Populations Sybril Bennett
MGT 3020.01S

Students in Free Enterprise John Gonas
MTH 3015.01S

Junior Cornerstone Seminar Andy Miller
PED 1010.01S

Foundations of Sport Science Tabby Bewley
PED 1010.02S

Foundations of Sport Science STAFF
PED 3015.01S

Junior Cornerstone Seminar Becky Spires
PED 3015.04S

Junior Cornerstone Seminar Tiffany Breeding
SET 2100.01S

Intro to Social Entrepreneurship Bernard Turner
SOC 3015.01S

Junior Cornerstone Seminar Shelby Longard
SOC 3555.01S

Race, Class, and Gender Shelby Longard
SPA 3100.01V

Advanced Spanish I David Julseth
SWK 2000.01S

Introduction to Social Work Julie Hunt