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Poetry Contests

Since 2010, Belmont has sponsored a poetry contest for Metro Nashville Public School Elementary School students.  In 2018 for the first time, we sponsored a poetry contest for Metro Nashville Public School Middle School students.

This year's contests, 2019 "Favorite Character" Elementary School and 2019 "Diversity and Unity" Middle School Contest, are open to students at MNPS elementary and middle schools respectively.  The deadline for entries is 4:00 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 30.  Please contact Tim Stewart,, for information about entering. 

Students submit poems based on that year's theme and the top 5 from each contest are selected by the Belmont English Club to be set to music with the aid of local professional songwriters.  The poems / songs are placed online where folks can see the poem, hear the song and vote for their favorite one.

This year's entries can be found at the links below.

2018 Elementary School "Favorite Story" Poetry Contest

2018 Middle School "Dreams and Visions" Poetry Contest

The First Place winners in each contest will receive $500, to be split evenly between the poet and their teacher for their classroom.  Second Place winners receive $300, Third Place winners receive $200, and Fourth and Fifth Place winners each receive $100, all prizes being equally shared by the poets and their teachers for the classroom.