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Alternative loan lenders

Alternative Educational Loans are designed to help supplement educational costs that financial aid may not cover. Approval is subject to credit criteria. Click here for a list of alternative loan lenders provided by Student Lending Analytics.  Please contact lenders for further information.

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Neither Belmont University nor the Office of Student Financial Services benefits from referring students to any lender. Even though we offer a list of commonly used lenders, you are free to choose any alternative lender. 


SLA is an independent research and advisory firm that has NO affiliations with any student lenders. SLA HAS RECEIVED NO CONSIDERATION FROM ANY LENDERS FOR PLACEMENT ON THIS LIST. Placement on this list DOES NOT in any way constitute an endorsement from SLA NOR should it be construed as a preferred lender list. Rather, the list reflects the collective decision-making of over 420 financial aid administrators as described above. You are free to borrow from any lender of your choice. While SLA has made every effort to confirm each of the lender loan terms described below through website research and multiple calls to lender customer service representatives, it cannot guarantee its accuracy. Furthermore, not all the lenders listed below lend to all students at all schools. The borrower should confirm any and all loan terms with the lender PRIOR to accepting the loan. Each lender's position on the list is randomly determined and will change each time this page is accessed. SLA will update this page as necessary and will provide a date of last update at the top of the page. The information provided below is subject to change without notice.