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How to Pay Your Bill

Payment terms

Financial arrangements for all student charges must be settled by the published payment deadline. If a student has any financial obligation to Belmont, the student will not be allowed to register for any subsequent semester or reserve housing, until the account is paid. Student Financial Services counselors are available to assist students in educational financial planning. Belmont reserves the right to withhold the diploma and official transcript from students with delinquent accounts.

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Course fees

Some courses at Belmont require additional special fees for materials or specialized instruction used in the course. These fees are listed as part of the individual course description and are also printed in the class schedule each term.

Step 1 - Always take advantage of the earliest possible registration time. This will ensure the smoothest possible process for receiving complete bills and statements.

Step 2 - Always file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the March 1 Priority Deadline. This will ensure your consideration for the maximum amount of financial aid available.

Step 3 - Make it a priority to know the payment deadlines for each term. These are published in the schedule book, in various locations around campus, and are printed on your bills and statements.

Step 4 - Review your bill when you receive it. Generally, bills are sent about one month prior to the published payment deadline for the fall term and as early as possible for summer and spring terms.

Step 5 - Check your financial aid award against your bill. In addition to the aid which appears on your bill, you may subtract any other authorized financial aid from your bill before payment. Authorized financial aid includes Belmont scholarships and grants which appear on your financial aid award, outside scholarships or grants which have already been sent to Belmont and appear on your student account, federal student and parent loans which your lender has already notified you are approved. It is important to note that student and parent loans will not appear on your student account until the loan money is actually received from the lender. If you have filed your loan forms and have not received approval from your lender, contact your lender immediately to expedite approval before the payment deadline.

Step 6 - After you determine the balance of your account, you should determine how you wish to pay. There are several options:

  • Cash or check (by mail or in person at Belmont Central)
  • Credit card or check card via Banner Web, through your myBelmont account
  • Utilizing TMS (Tuition Management Systems monthly payment plan) which you can sign up for online: www.afford.com/belmont or you can call them at 1-800-722-4867.

Step 7 - Pay your balance by the published payment deadline.