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Online billing and payment instructions

Click here for a pdf version of these instructions

Student Financial Services E-Billing Features:
  • Online payments by credit card or bank draft
  • Quick access to view & print your billing statement
  • The ability to view payment history
  • Direct deposit refund option
  • Notification by email of your new electronic bill
  • Option to store payment methods for quick & easy payment
  • Unique log in for authorized users (i.e. parents, employers, etc.)
Quick Reference Guide:

Students log in to BIC account then:

  • Click on BannerWeb
  • Click on Student Services and Financial Aid
  • Click on View Account/Make Payment

To provide authorized access to other users, complete the following steps:

  • Go to the Student Account Online Billing and Payment home page (directions above)
  • Click on Authorized Users tab
  • Click on Add and Authorized User
  • Enter email address of the Authorized User
  • Select viewing options
  • Click on Add User
  • Enter the last four digits of your Student ID number and press the "I Agree" button to continue

Logging In

Students log in through BIC with the student ID and PIN (click on BannerWeb, select Student Services and Financial Aid, select View Account/Make Payment). Students can then assign authorized users. The assigned authorized users will receive an email with their password and login instructions.

Authorized users log in through https://epay.belmont.edu/C20420_tsa/web/index.jsp . For your first login, use the email address and password from the login instructions that were emailed to you. Immediately after the first login, the authorized user creates a password to use for future logins.

sample image 01

Logging In - When Authorized Users Forget Passwords

An authorized user who forgets the password must enter the login email address, then click one of the links below the Login Now button:

Password hint links below the Login Now button

sample image 02

If the user clicks the password hint link, the password hint displays at the top of the login screen (Password hint displayed in the message below the welcome text). If the user clicks the e-mailed link, the password hint will be emailed to the address used when setting up the authorized user's account.

Note: An authorized user who has changed his or her email account must log in with the original email address, and then correct the address in the profile. If the authorized user does not remember which email address was used to create the account and cannot log in, the student can delete the authorized user and set them up again. This will create a new first-time login password for the authorized user.

The Home Page

Notes on the Home Page

On the home page, students and authorized users see links and tabs for the Bill+Payment features. The links in the body of the page take you to the tabs where you can perform actions.

The following example shows what's displayed on the home page if a recent payment has been made on the account:

Sample Image 03

Account Summary - Viewing the Bill

Notes on the Account Summary

In the Account Summary tab, the student can view the latest statement, previous statements, and the current balance. The current balance includes activity since the last statement.

Authorized Users and the Statement

The student must give the authorized user permission to view the statement. If the authorized user can't see the statement, the student has not allowed them to do so. The student can change this status in the Authorized Users tab.

Sample Image 04

Sample Image 05
Sample Image 05a

Viewing Account Activity - The Activity Display

Notes on the Acount Activity Display

The Make a Payment link on this page will take the student or authorized user to the Payments tab. The Make a Payment link is not shown if the student has a negative balance on the account for the selected term.

Sample Image 06

The Make a Payment Tab

From this tab, the student or authorized user clicks the Pay link to begin making a payment.

Scheduled Payments

Users can save payment methods and schedule payments for future dates. When payments are scheduled for future dates, they appear in the Scheduled Payments list. Completed payments are not shown on this list.

Only the user who set up a payment can edit or delete it. To change the details of an upcoming payment, the user clicks its Edit link. To cancel a payment, the user clicks its Delete link.

Important! Online Billing and Payment Suite does not cancel scheduled payments when the student pays the amount due through another method. For instance, if the student schedules a payment, then makes a payment at Belmont Central, the originally scheduled payment is still active. The student must cancel it, or it will be paid.

Sample Image 07

Using Payment History Reports

Notes on Payment History Reports

Users can set any combination of filters to view payment reports. All filters are set on this screen; to reset the filters or set additional ones the user must return to this screen.

Authorized Users and Payment History

A student chooses whether or not authorized users can see the student's payment history. If the student doesn't allow it, then the authorized user will see only his or her own payment history.

If the student allows the authorized user to see the payment history, then the authorized user will see his or her own payments and the student's payments, but not the payments of any other authorized users.

Notes on Payment History Results

The Payment History results depend on the report filters selected. Generally, however, the report shows who made a payment, when the payment was made, and the type and amount of the payment. The View Another Report link returns the user to the screen where report filters are set.

Sample Image 08

The Authorized Users Tab

Notes on the Authorized Users Tab

From this page, a student can add a new authorized user. If an authorized user has already been created, the page allows the student to update settings or delete the user.

Authorized Users Tab, before authorized users are added:

Sample Image 09

Adding an Authorized User

Notes on Adding an Authorized User

The student enters the user's email address and sets options:

  • Allow the student to see the billing statement. If the student says "No", the authorized user will see the current balance but not the billing statement. This option applies only for schools licensed for eBill.
  • Allow the user to see the payment history. If the student says "No", the authorized user will see only his or her own payments in the Payment History tab.

Updating an Authorized User

The student can change either of the options by clicking the Update link on the Authorized Users tab. The student cannot change the authorized user's email address. If this address changes, the student must delete the user, then add the user with the new email address.

Sample Image 10

Personal Profile Tab

Notes on the Personal Profile

Email Address
Users cannot change the name or primary email address in their profile. However, they can set up an alternate eamil address. All email messages sent by Bill+Payment will go to both the primary and alternate addresses.

Changing Passwords
Authorized users can click on the Change Password link to change their login passwords. Only authorized users see the Change Password link.

Sample Image 11

Payment Profile Tab

Notes on the Payment Profile

If you allow users to save payment methods, then every student and authorized user has a payment profile.

Payment Methods
Users can save a credit payment method (credit or debit cards) or a bank account payment method (either a checking or savings account).

Users can save as many different payment methods as they want.

Sample Image 12