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Conditions of Your Financial Aid award

  • Awards are determined by an evaluation of student reported information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The financial aid awarded is for the designated award period only.

  • Awards are based on full-time enrollment. In order to meet the 'full-time' standard, a student must register for at least twelve hours per semester as an undergraduate student, and at least six hours per semester as a graduate student. Furthermore, a student will not be eligible for financial aid through most programs if not enrolled in an eligible program on at least a half-time basis.

  • A student must report in writing to the Office of Student Financial Services any additional assistance which may be received from other sources, including scholarships, loans, assistantships, fellowships, and employer educational benefits. If additional assistance reduces financial need, an adjustment in an award may be necessary.

  • A student must notify Belmont Central if withdrawing from the University before the end of an academic term. If a student withdraws after receipt of financial aid funds, the student may be expected to repay a portion of the aid received. View complete withdrawal information.

  • If course load is reduced after the receipt of financial aid funds and before the end of the tuition refund period, the student may be required to repay a portion of the financial aid funds.

  • Funds for the Federal Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work-Study, Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation Grant, and Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship are provided by the federal and/or state government(s); and if the appropriations or allocations to the University are adjusted, an award from these programs may be reduced or revoked.

  • The Office of Student Financial Services may release information about the amount and type of aid that a student receives to other offices and agencies as needed to administer the financial aid programs. The Office of Student Financial Services may send general information about a student to donors. The Office of Student Financial Services may release information necessary for collection of a student loan in the event repayment obligations are not met.

  • To decline any portion of this award, please contact our office by completing the Loan Reduction/Cancellation Request Form on the SFS Forms page .