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Thematic Tracks

Thematic Tracks / Concentrations

Students will also have to complete 18 hours in a select thematic track.  

1. Economic Development Track
This track prepares students to engage in the process of business development as a mechanism add economic growth and expansion.

2. Global Social Entrepreneurship Track
The Global Social Entrepreneurship track is designed for those students who plan to use their social entrepreneurial ambitions in a setting outside of North America.
Students in this track will be advised to study a foreign language through the second level and to participate in study abroad.

3. Contemporary Social Issues Track
This track encourages students to explore a variety of complex and interconnected social issues, including race, class, gender, inequality, and social justice.  Students will be advised to design a focus within this track, for instance, race (ENL3870, 3890; SOC 3400, 3450); social justice (SOC 3400, 3700, PHI 2250, REL 3510); gender (HIS 3200, ENL 3880, SOC 3200, 3210).

4. Faith, Culture, Ethics Track
This track equips students to integrate classical and contemporary theological approaches to develop solutions to cultural and ethical concerns.

5. Environmental Science Track
This track approaches Environmental Issues through active and integrated study of scientific and policy-oriented topics and the application of this study to the exploration of realistic solutions to environmental problems.

Program Highlights:

  • Development of a social entrepreneurship skill set
  • A 225-hour experiential learning internship
  • Service-learning projects and summer internships
  • Regular exposure to nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs and national experts