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The curriculum for the major will be offered as a 45 credit hour B. A. or B. S. degree, to undergird the liberal arts framework central to the major but combine business courses and thematic tracks in the liberal arts.  Students in this major will complete a seminar sequence of 9 credit hours to integrate the professional and liberal arts components of the major which includes service learning, an internship, and an extended community-based project in the senior seminar, thus linking the learning of the content with the experience and service that characterizes the practicing social entrepreneur. The student will complete 18 hours in entrepreneurship and 18 hours in a select thematic track (Economic Development, Global Social Entrepreneurship, Contemporary Social Issues, Faith, Culture, and Ethics, or Environmental Science).


B.S. or B.A.—General Education
Students will take SOC 1010: Introduction to Sociology and PSC 1210: American Government as part of the Social Sciences requirements in General Education

59-65 hours



45 hours

SET 2100

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (SL)

3 hours

SET 3100

Junior Internship in Social Entrepreneurship (EL)

3 hours

SET 4015

Senior Capstone in Social Entrepreneurship

3 hours

ACC 2430


6 hours

ETP 3000

Foundations of Entrepreneurship

3 hours

ETP 3700

Entrepreneurship Financial Management

3 hours

ETP 4500

Venture Management

3 hours

MGT 3230

Business Ethics

3 hours


Global Social Entrepreneurship; Economic Development; Contemporary Social Issues; Faith, Culture, & Ethics; Environmental Science

18 hours



18- 24 hours



128 hours

Click here to view the 2015-2016 Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum Sequence.