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Spring 2012 Spiritual Development Speakers



Carolyn McKinstry: Costly Discipleship
Jan. 11 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Carolyn McKinstry witnessed the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing that killed 4 of her friends. She marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and faced Bull Connor’s German shepherds and fire hoses during the battle for equal rights in her hometown of Birmingham, Ala. She has appeared on T.V. and radio programs around the world, as well as in Spike Lee’s documentary "Four Little Girls" and the movie "Sins of the Father." A graduate of Fisk University and Samford’s Beeson Divinity School, she recently published her autobiography, While the World Watched.



rv brown

R.V.  Brown: Good News for the Poor
Jan. 18 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
The 16th of 17 brothers and sisters, R.V. Brown was taught by his parents “how to pray, how to farm, and how to survive.” He went on to get a degree in special education and mentored and coached countless students in inner-city schools. He has spoken in 48 states and 43 countries, from prisons to college campuses, on the transforming power of Jesus Christ.
*co-sponsored by the Athletics Department

January 23 through January 27: Sex and the Soul Week

“Chastity is the most unpopular of the Christian virtues. There is no getting away from it: the old Christian rule is, `Either marriage, with complete faithfulness to your partner, or else total abstinence.’ Now this is so difficult, and so contrary to our instincts that obviously either Christianity is wrong or our sexual instinct, as it now is, has gone wrong. One or the other. Of course, being a Christian, I think it is the instinct which has gone wrong.” – C.S. Lewis 

john van epp
John Van Epp

Jan. 23 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. | Jan. 24 at 3:30 p.m.
John Van Epp, a University of Akron Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology with years of experience as a marriage and family counselor, he is author of the popular curriculum “Premarital Interpersonal Choices and Knowledge.” 


joy eggerichs
Joy Eggerichs

Jan. 25 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Joy Eggerichs works with college students as part of the relationship ministry “Love & Respect.” 


michael johnson
Michael Johnson

Jan. 26 | Neely Hall | 3:30 p.m. | Jan. 27 at 10 a.m.
Michael Johnson is founder of “FutureMarriage University,” which helps college students learn to prepare for lifelong,loving commitment to a spouse. 


jimmy dorrell
Jimmy Dorrell: Plunge to Poverty
Feb. 1 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. 

Founder and Executive Director of Mission Waco, one of the best urban Christian ministries in the U.S., Rev. Dorrell is also pastor of Church Under the Bridge, which brings together hundreds of haves and have-nots at the United States' “only federally financed church”, under the I-35 overpass in Waco, Texas.  He teaches at Baylor University, is the author of several books, including Plunge to Poverty, and for over two decades has led ministries serving the poor of India, Mexico and Haiti. *co-sponsored by the Center for Service Learning &  Social Entrepreneurship and The Teaching Center

eric mclaughlin
Eric McLaughlin, M.D.: Homecoming Chapel
Feb. 15 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Dr. Eric McLaughlin moved to Africa three years ago with his wife, who is also an M.D., as medical missionaries along with four other American physicians and their children.  Eric is a graduate of Belmont who both practices family medicine as well as training future doctors, first in Kenya and next in Burundi at Hope Africa University.  

bishop choby on ash wednesday
Bishop David Choby: Ash Wednesday Service
Feb. 22 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Bishop David Choby of the Catholic Diocese of Nashville will co-officiate this ecumenical worship service as Belmont University marks the beginning of the 40-day season of Lent.  

Feb. 2 through March 22: Charis Art Exhibit

Leu Art Gallery
Artist Talk: Feb. 23 | Bunch Multimedia Hall | Talk at 3:45 p.m.; Reception at 5 p.m.
Charis (Greek for “gift” or “grace”) is an international traveling exhibit of work by seven Asian and seven North American artists that explores the implications of Christian faith and effective artistic practice in an increasingly visually-oriented world. The exhibition is composed of 40 works that include paintings, sculptures, assemblage, fiber constructions, installations and video projections.*co-sponsored by the Art Department, College of Visual and Performing Arts

mark osler jeanne bishop

Mark Osler and Jeanne Bishop
Feb. 24 | Beaman A and B | 10 a.m. 

Mark Osler, a graduate of Yale Law School, was professor of law at Baylor University and now at the University of St. Thomas Law School. He is a former federal prosecutor whose work confronts the problem of injustice in sentencing and corrections. He is head of the Association of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools and recently published Jesus on Death Row. Jeanne Bishop’s sister was shot to death along with her husband and unborn child. Jeanne left her career in corporate law to become a Cook County public defender and teaches at Northwestern University School of Law.*co-sponsored by the Belmont College of Law and the Office of University Counsel and Administration

george carey

Former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey: World Christianity
Feb. 29 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. 
The former Archbishop of Canterbury was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II in 1991 and promoted a “decade of evangelism” which coincided with the explosive growth of the Anglican Church in Africa and throughout the developing world. Upon his retirement in 2002, he was made a life peer and member of the House of Lords. He is the recipient of 12 Honorary Doctorates, author of 14 books, Chancellor of the University of Gloucestershire and President of the London School of Theology.*co-sponsored by the School of Religion


qinjun li
Qinjun (Joan) Li: Finding Faith in the Land of the Dragon
March 14 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. 
Belmont Professor of Asian Studies and Chinese Language Qingjun Li has a Ph.D. in English, is the author of three books, and taught at Zhengzhou University in China where she was twice recognized as a “Teacher of Excellence.”  She came to faith in Christ from a non-Christian background and joined a home church in China, together with other faculty members from several universities, which is part of the current resurgence of Christianity in China among intellectuals.
*Co-sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences

steve garber
Steve Garber: Vocation and Calling Week
March 19 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
March 20 | Neely Hall | 3 p.m.
March 21 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Dr. Steve Garber is Executive Director of the Washington Institute, which promotes a biblical vision of vocation that is fully engaged with the realities of 21st Century life. His passion is to help people understand the integral character of faith, vocation and culture through workshops, lectures, and writings that include The Fabric of Faithfulness: Weaving Together Belief and Behavior and Faith Goes to Work: Reflections from the Marketplace.*co-sponsored by the Sophomore Transitions Center and Career Services

michael attas
Michael Attas: Christian Healthcare
March 23 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. 
Chief of Cardiology at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center, Dr. Attas is also an Episcopal priest and founding director of both the Christian Healthcare Society and Baylor University’s Medical Humanities Program, the first such program in the nation to integrate Christian faith and identity into the world of science and medicine. 
*co-sponsored by the Inman College of Health Sciences 

west memphis threeInnocent Prisoner: Jason Baldwin of the West Memphis 3
10 a.m., Massey Boardroom

2012 Oscar Nominee, Best Documentary: "Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory"
7 p.m., Bunch Library Multimedia Hall
Jason Baldwin will be present for the screening of this Oscar-nominated culmination to the "Paradise Lost" trilogy.

stephen mansfield presentation

Stephen Mansfield: Where Has Oprah Taken Us?
March 28 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. 
New York Times bestselling author Stephen Mansfield’s latest book, Where Has Oprah Taken Us? examines Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual journey, from her Baptist upbringing to her practice of New Age Spirituality.


shannon sedgwick davis

Shannon Sedgwick Davis
April 4 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. 
Shannon Sedgwick Davis is an attorney and passionate advocate for social justice and international human rights. She is CEO of the Bridgeway Foundation, the charitable giving arm of Bridgeway Capital Management, Inc., and a highly respected strategist engaged in promoting peace and ending human atrocities across the world. Shannon previously served as Director of Public Affairs at International Justice Mission. She is currently a board member of several humanitarian organizations including Humanity United, Tom's Shoes and Ben Affleck’s Eastern Congo Initiative.*co-sponsored by the Belmont College of Law and the Office of University Counsel and Administration

tony campolo
Tony Campolo: Poor Jesus/Rich Christian

April 16 | Maddox Grand Atrium | 10 a.m. 
Dr. Tony Campolo is professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern University and previously served for 10 years on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a nationally celebrated speaker, the author of 38 books, and has been a guest on "The Colbert Report", "Nightline", "Crossfire", "Larry King: Live" and CNN. Dr. Campolo is the founder and president of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, which has established programs and schools for at-risk children in the U.S., Haiti and other developing countries. His latest books include Connecting Like Jesus and Red Letter Christians: A Citizen’s Guide to Faith and Politics. *co-sponsored by the Sociology Department, College of Arts and Sciences