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Belmont University | Belief in Something Greater

Fall 2011 Spiritual Development Speakers


david beckmann

David Beckmann: Ending Hunger Now
Aug. 31 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
World Food Prize laureate, President of Bread for the World and author of Exodus from Hunger and Transforming the Politics of Hunger.  Beckmann earned degrees from the London School of Economics and Yale and was ordained by the Lutheran Church to use his skills to alleviate hunger. He led church-based development programs in rural Bangladesh before spending 15 years at the World Bank. 


richard hughes

Richard Hughes: The Christian Mind
Sept. 2 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Founder of the Center for Faith and Learning at Pepperdine University  and now Distinguished Professor at Messiah College, Hughes has published 12 books, including The Vocation of a Christian Scholar: How Christian Faith Can Sustain the Life of the Mind and Models for Christian Higher Education: Strategies for Survival and Success in the 21st Century.
*co-sponsored by the Teaching Center 

scott mcknight

Scot Mcknight - Emerge: A Week of Reflection and Renewal
Sept. 12 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Sept. 13 | Neely Hall | 7 p.m.
Sept. 14 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
McKnight is the author of 20 books including The Jesus Creed, and popular speaker on college campuses and an expert on the historical Jesus and Christian spirituality. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Nottingham and teaches at North Park University in Chicago. 

Sept. 16| Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Belmont's faculty and staff confess Jesus as the Christ and the measure for all things. Our "Faith-Informed" series of convocations allows us to hear how our common confession that Jesus Christ is Lord affects our life and work in a specific area of the university life. Join us as we hear from Drs. Ruby Dunlap, Sharon Dowdy and Jaime Adam about showing Christ's love by teaching future nurses to provide high quality healthcare to people in need.
*co-sponsored by the Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences 

ana aspras steeleAna Aspras Steele: Making Slavery History
Sept. 28 | Bunch Multimedia Hall | 10 a.m.
Steele is executive director of the Dalit Freedom Network USA, which spearheaded legislation on behalf of the 250 million untouchables in the Hindu caste system. DFN has launched 100 schools, nine medical clinics, and nurses' training school, a hospital and created more than 1,700 Micro-Finance Groups. 
*co-sponsored by the College of Law


jenell williams parisJenell Williams Paris: Sex and the Soul
Oct. 5 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Professor of sociology and anthropology at Messiah College and author of The End of Sexual Identity: Why Sex is Too Important to Define Who We Are. Paris earned a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from American University and serves as social sciences editor for the Christian Scholar's Review. Her most recent book is Introducing Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective.

chris heuertz

Chris Heuertz: Incarnating Love
Oct. 10 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
International Executive Director of Word Made Flesh, Heuertz has worked in 70 countries with the most vulnerable of the world's poor: refugees, street children with AIDS and victims of human trafficking. He is the author of Simple Spirituality: Learning to See God in a Broken World.

shawn lantzShawn Lantz: Serving Africa
Oct. 12 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
For three generations her family has lived with and served the people of Congo, where over 4 million people have died in the deadliest conflict since World War II. She is the founder of Esengo Ministries and author of Congo Vignettes.

walter bruggemannWalter Brueggemann: God's Justice for the Poor
Oct. 24 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Author of more than 75 books, Brueggemann is regarded widely as one of the world's most important Bible scholars and teachers. Bruegemann brings the insights of the Old Testament to bear on contemporary issues of economic injustice, nationalism and militarism through books like The Prophetic Imagination and Journey to the Common Good. He holds a Th.D. from Union Seminary, New York and a Ph.D. from Saint Louis University. 
*co-sponsored by the School of Religion 

laura smit
Laura Smit: Love
Oct. 26 | Bunch Multimedia Hall | 10 a.m.
Smit, who received her Ph.D. from Boston University, is dean of the chapel and associate professor of theology at Calvin College. Her book Loves Me, Loves Me Not: The Ethics of Unrequited Love addresses a topic that is a staple theme in fiction  and film, but has rarely been touched in nonfiction writings, let alone in such a thoughtful manner from a Christian perspective. 
*sponsored by the Religion and the Arts program 

afrizo choir
Oct. 28 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Kenyan Choir from Daystar University, one of the largest and best Christian universities in the developing world. 
*co-sponsored by the School of Music 


efrem smithEfrem Smith: No More Orphans
Nov. 2 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Founder of the Sanctuary Covenant Church and Community Development Corporation, Smith's heart for the poor is expressed in his books The Hip-Hop Church and Raising Up Young Heroes, as well as through being a spokesperson for the child sponsorship ministry Compassion International.
*co-sponsored by the Social Entrepreneurship Program

amena brown
Amena Brown-Spoken Word Poetry
Nov. 9 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
After getting her degree in English from Spelman College, Brown became a faith-inspired force in the world of spoken word poetry. Her CD, video and live performances at everything from the National Poetry Slam to the Atlantis Music Conference have made her a sought-after speaker and performer.
*sponsored by the English Department and the Religion and the Arts program 

shane claiborne
Shane Claiborne - Jesus Loves the Poor
Nov. 16 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Claiborne has worked alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta, served at a wealthy Chicago mega-church and lived in Baghdad with the Iraq Peace Team. Shane helped found The Simple Way, a faith community in inner-city Philadelphia that has helped inspire the New Monastic Movement. He is the author of many books including The Irresistible Revolution and Ordinary Radicals.  

carey caseyken smith

Carey Casey and Ken Smith: The Fatherless Generation
Nov. 30 | Neely Hall | 10 a.m.
Carey Casey
is CEO of the National Center for Fathering, served on the White House Task Force on Fatherhood and was the national urban director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He and his book Championship Fathering have been featured in the New York Times, L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune and Ebony. He served as co-pastor at Lawndale Community Church in Chicago, which empowers the community with health care, housing, education and economic growth. Casey is joined by Ken Smith, who has helped lead a number of dynamic churches that address the problems caused by the increase in fatherless homes by starting women's shelters, children's homes, pregnancy care centers, clothes and food pantries and health clinics.
*co-sponsored by the Athletics Department