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Academic Departments

Department of Biology

Biology - This major is designed to engage students in the process of "doing biology."*  Our goal is to introduce students to the excitement of scientific research, the aesthetic pleasure of studying the living world, and the importance of biological principles as they affect the human condition. 

Department of Chemistry & Physics

Biophysics (previously Physics Pre-Health) - If you are interested in medical physics, medical school, dental school, or graduate work in biomedical science, this program is right for you. This program includes the biology and chemistry courses that would prepare students for admission to professional health programs. 

Chemistry - The programs in chemistry are designed to form a strong base from which you can build a career in many fiends. We offer excellent instruction with small class sizes in the traditional areas of organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and biochemistry. 

Engineering Physics - This is built to provide students wit technical skills desirable for success in applied physics and engineering fields. It includes tracks in computational physics, material science, and an engineering track for those students who wish to pursue an engineering field in graduate school. 

Physics - The traditional Physics major is appropriate for several career paths, including graduate school and teaching, and offers the most flexibility for students who wish to also earn a minor or second major in another subject. 

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Applied Mathematics - Our students in this mathematics major are focused more on the mathematics in the workplace. Graduating students have gone on to work in business and government as well as other related fields. 

Computer Science - Students in this major spend most of their time in the computer labs on campus, getting experience working with programming and coding of different types. You also can learn how to deal with huge data sets, and our program has a great relationship with major employers in Nashville. 

Data Science

Mathematics - The general mathematics major offers more freedom for students interested in teaching or graduate school, while providing a solid base for all students interested in the area of mathematics. 

Department of Psychological Science

Psychology - The Psychology major at Belmont is research intensive to prepare you to be a clinical psychologist, go on to graduate school, or prepare you for the work force. State of the art lab equipment is available for students to use, ranging from our own driving simulator, to working with the rodent lab we have on campus. 

Interdisciplinary Studies in Science

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology -

Environmental Science - 

Neuroscience - The Neuroscience program is dedicated to providing students with an academically challenging and interdisciplinary curriculum which enables them to develop a basic understanding of the foundations of the field, as well as the opportunity to personalize their learning experience. Majors are uniquely equipped with a broad foundational training early on in their training (ranging from molecular to behavioral sciences) and have ample opportunities to build strong academic and research skills

Pharmaceutical Studies - This track is built to focus specifically on a track to prepare students to work in a pharmaceutical setting. The student will take classes in chemistry, biochemistry, and biology to best prepare you for the next step. We offer an early assurance program, where students can do two years as an undergraduate, forego their Bachelor of Science degree, and start their Doctorate of Pharmacy in their third year. 

Web Programming & Development - This program provides students with a strong foundation in understanding internet servers and databases, creating web queries, and implementing web applications to create a modern website. Graduates of this program are prepared to enter graduate programs and pursue careers as webmasters or web developers.