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Why Graduate Sport Administration?

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Sport Administration Students Nashville 

Why Belmont?

Belmont is located in the heart of Nashville, TN. Belmont's internship program is one of the highlights of each student's experience, making our location in a thriving sport city critical to success. The sport landscape in the Nashville area has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade, as it is now home to the NFL's Tennessee Titans, the NHL's Nashville Predators, AAA Baseball's Nashville Sounds, the Nashville Superspeedway, the Music City Bowl, four NCAA Division I Universities representing three conferences, and a plethora of other sport related organizations and special events. These are a few factors that make Belmont the perfect choice for graduate studies in Sport Administration!

Why Sport Administration?

The magnitude and complexity of today's sport marketplace is greater than most of us ever imagined it would be. In a 1988 study, published in The Sporting News (1990), the Gross National Sport Product totaled $63.1 billion. In 1997, in a study conducted by the Wharton School, the Sport Industry ranked 11th among the top 50 industries in the United States as a $162 billion industry. These studies show sport industry growth to be nearly $100 billion over a nine-year period, ranking it ahead of the automobile, airline, and legal industries.

Due to the complexity of today's sport industry, it is necessary to set yourself apart from your competition in the job market. At Belmont University, we want to help you not only get your degree, but be prepared to gain full-time employment in the sport industry upon graduation. Combining a well-rounded curriculum and a year long internship experience, students graduate not only with a master's degree but also a year's experience in the sport industry to add to your resume.

How long will this take?

The Master of Sport Administration is designed to be completed in two calendar years of full time study but may also be completed through part-time study. It is our goal to work with each student to meet the needs of today's busy lifestyles. Because many graduate students must work as well as attend classes, all courses in the program are offered after 6:00 PM, Monday - Thursday.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

"Nashville has so many different internship avenues that there is not an area in the sports world that cannot be covered. Paired with the ability to complete the program in one calendar year makes for a great asset for anyone interested in accelerating their career in sports."
 - Ryan Buckley, Chanute, KS

"Since coming to Nashville, I have gained tremendous respect for Belmont University. I speak for the Predator organization in saying we plan to work with Belmont's Sport Administration program by placing the interns and considering their graduates for full-time positions."
- Jack Diller, President of the Nashville Predators, National Hockey League