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If you see a fire or smell smoke:
  • Activate the closest fire alarm pull station along your evacuation route.
  • Notify others as you leave.
  • Call Campus Security at ext. 6911 or (615) 460-6911 and report the emergency after you are out of the building and safe.
  • If the fire is small enough, you may attempt to extinguish it with a portable fire extinguisher, ONLY IF: 
    • The fire alarm pull station has been activated
    • Campus Security at ext. 6911 or (615) 460-6911 has been notified
    • You are properly trained Response to the Fire Alarm
  • If the alarm sounds and/or emergency strobes begin to blink, evacuate immediately.
  • Never assume that a fire alarm is a false alarm. 
  • Exit the area immediately
  • Attempt to maintain a calm and orderly exit.
  • Close all doors as you leave, taking keys and medications with you if possible. DO NOT delay evacuation to retrieve these items.  Do not prop doors open.
  • If leaving a room, feel the door with the back of your hand before opening it. Do not open any door that feels hot.
  • If smoke is present, stay low. The best quality air is near the floor.
  • Always use the stairs to exit upper floors.
  • Do not use the elevator.
  • Once the building is evacuated, do not re-enter it for any reason. Return to the building only when instructed to do so by emergency responders or administrators.
  • Do not return for personal belongings. 
  • Direct and assist visitors and persons with disabilities who appear to need direction or assistance.
  • Notify Campus Security ext. 6911 or (615) 460-6911 that a fire has occurred after you exit the building.
If you are trapped and cannot evacuate: 
  • Close any doors between you and the fire.
  • If available, wedge wet towels or cloth materials along the bottom of the door to keep out smoke.
  • Call Campus Security at ext. 6911 or (615) 460-6911 and notify the dispatcher of your location.
  • Remain on the phone with the dispatcher as long as possible.
  • Break a window only as a last resort, such as needing oxygen to breathe.
  • Use caution when breaking any window.