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Unstable Person or Hostage Situation

Upon notification of an unstable person or hostage situation on campus:
Persons near the situation will quietly leave the area, notifying Campus Security and others nearby, if possible. If not, lock yourself in a room and stay low. Persons in the same room as the unstable person should remain calm and try to keep the unstable person as calm as possible.

Should the situation escalate, other floors or offices may be notified to evacuate the building quietly. In this instance, building occupants should remain in the location indicated by Campus Security until further notice. The rest of campus will be notified not to enter the building in which the emergency is taking place.

If possible, have the following information ready when you call Campus Security ext 6911 or (615) 460-6911 to notify them of the situation:

  • The number of unstable persons/hostage takers present
  • Who is in the room/office/floor with the unstable person/hostage taker
  • The actions/attitude of unstable person/hostage taker
  • Exact last known location of unstable person/hostage taker