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Staying Healthy Together

Campus Healthcare Services

Belmont’s Health Services team remains in close contact with local and state health officials and continues to follow guidance issued by the CDC and the American College Health Association (ACHA). Protocols for the Fall semester will include:

  • The Belmont Health Clinic on the first floor of McWhorter Hall will remain available at regularly scheduled campus hours for wellness visits, immunizations, allergy injections and non-COVID-related visits.
  • A satellite clinic will be established on the second floor of the Gabhart Student Center for potential COVID-related concerns. The CDC maintains a current list of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Testing will be available on campus for symptomatic individuals and any campus member determined by Health Services to require testing.
  • A Belmont Contract Tracing Team, trained and supervised by nurses and nurse practitioners, will be conducting contact tracing for the campus community in collaboration with the Tennessee Department of Health using a confidential, web-based form customized for Belmont University.
  • Belmont’s Campus Pharmacy, also located on the first floor of McWhorter Hall, will continue to operate at regularly scheduled hours.
  • All students are required to read and acknowledge a "Staying Healthy, Together" commitment prior to returning for the fall term. The commitment form is visible on each student's account on MyBelmont, and acknowledgement is signified via a few simple clicks. 
  • If you have questions, please contact

Reporting Illness

All students, faculty and staff will be asked to complete a daily self-screening for symptoms, exposure and travel history. During the summer, any employee or student on campus who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, receives a positive test result or comes in close contact with a COVID-19 positive patient must complete an online COVID-19 Health Information Form--This form should be completed ONLY IF you are an employee or student who is currently on campus.

In August, this self-screening will move to the secure Belmont Health Portal, and during the fall semester all students, faculty and staff will receive email or text reminders to complete the daily self-screening. The screening will include questions asking individuals if they have:

  • Symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection, including whether or not they have a fever
  • Tested positive for COVID-19
  • Come in close contact with and/or live with someone who has been diagnosed with or is presumed positive for COVID-19

Employee Reporting Protocols

  • If an Employee Reports SYMPTOMS of COVID-19 at work or prior to coming to work
  • If an Employee Reports POSITIVE TEST For COVID-19
  • If an Employee Lives with or Has Had CLOSE PERSONAL CONTACT With Someone Who Has Tested Positive Or Is Displaying COVID-19 Like Symptoms

Student Reporting Protocols

Like employees, all students will be required to complete a daily self-screening for symptoms and exposure. A daily reminder will be issued via email or text from the Belmont Health Portal, requesting students complete the brief online self-screening. Individuals will be asked to report their temperature, so all students should plan to bring a thermometer for their return to Belmont. In addition, students will be asked to respond to questions like:

    • In the last 2 weeks did you live with or have close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) with someone diagnosed with COVID-19?
    • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days, or do you have any COVID-19 symptoms? These can include fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, body aches, vomiting/diarrhea or a new loss of taste and smell.

Belmont’s Health Services team will be alerted to any potential concerns that arise from screening responses and can determine next steps based on the protocols outlined below.

  • New

    Off Campus Student with Symptoms of COVID-19 or Positive COVID-19 Test
  • New

    Residential Student with Symptoms of COVID-19 or Positive COVID-19 Test
  • New

    Off Campus Student with Exposure to COVID-19 (Asymptomatic)
  • New

    Residential Student with Exposure to COVID-19 (Asymptomatic)

Belmont Contact Tracing Program

Belmont University will be conducting contact tracing for our campus community to ensure the highest degree of health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. The Belmont Contact Tracing Program is not a replacement for contact tracing performed by public health organizations but aims to assist and reinforce public health guidance within the unique context of our educational institution. The program will continuously monitor only members of our campus community to connect them to healthcare services and decrease potential exposure and risk of transmission of COVID-19 at Belmont University.

For any student who tests positive, Belmont’s contact tracing team will conduct regular check-ins to ensure the student is doing well, does not need to seek additional medical attention and is compliant with isolation. Health Services will be available for telehealth visits as needed. Belmont contact tracers will also identify close contacts within the Belmont community for prompt notification and appropriate cleaning/disinfecting measures. The contact tracing team will educate students on time period for isolation in accordance with CDC guidelines.


Belmont University has worked in tandem with public health officials and communicable disease experts to develop comprehensive policies and procedures to mitigate COVID-19 risks on campus and provide high quality support services to all students, so they may continue work towards their academic success. Isolation housing will be available in the event a residential student becomes ill with COVID-19, and University Health Services, Dining Services, Student Life and faculty will partner to ensure each student's needs are met.