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Student Leadership

Leadership Opportunities

RA Staff Resident Assistant:
The Resident Assistant position is a unique leadership opportunity in that it aids in developing and using multiple skills and provides knowledge of college issues. RA s receive training in the following areas: helping skills, confrontation, conflict management, programming, alcohol issues, eating disorders, suicide prevention, etc. The resident assistant lives on the floor or complex with residents and is hired to be a resource for the residents, to do programming and community building, and to enforce the university policies.

Conference Award
Desk Assistant:
Desk Assistants are hired to work at each residential complex's front desk operation. Desk Assistants assist residents with various questions, monitor visitation, sort mail and packages, etc. Desk Assistants learn good customer service and organization skills.

Community Councils:
Each residence hall and apartment community has a community council made up of residents and Resident Assistants. Each Community Council is unique to the community which it serves and provides many leadership opportunities for students. Community Councils are completely student-run. Each Community Council has both officer positions and general members. The purpose of Community Councils is to give residents voices in their residential communities, to provide community-specific programs for residents, and to create leadership opportunities for residents. Community Councils begin recruiting at the start of each year in the fall. It is an excellent way to get involved with the campus and be an active member of the community. SAACURH Delegation

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH):
The purpose of NRHH is to recognize and encourage excellence in the residence halls of Belmont University by 1) inducting the top 1% of Belmont University students as members, 2) coordinating the submission of bids for regional and national awards, including “...of the Month” awards, 3) recognizing those who contribute to student life in the residence halls through appreciation efforts and events, and 4) promoting leadership development among residential students.