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Maintenance Services

Facilities Managment Services

Facilities Management Services (FMS) is dedicated to acting promptly on all work requests, treating the campus community and all guests in a courteous and helpful manner, and seeking workable solutions to operation problems.  They are a vital part of our campus.

FMS hours are Monday - Friday 7am - 3:30pm.

Emergency Maintenance Problems

Please call FMS directly at 460.6670 for emergency maintenance situations such as electrical failure, water shortage or flooding, lack of heating or air conditioning, etc between the hours of 7am-3:30pm

If you have an emergency that occurs after hours emergecy, contact Campus Security at 460.6617.

Regular Maintenance Requests

All regular maintenance requests should be made through iServiceDesk.  Please be thorough in the explanation of your request to ensure the request is handled properly.

Other Problems

If you have a problem with vending machine - contact Auxilary Services at 460.5695.

If you have a problem with a washer/dryer - contact your Residence Director or the service number for Caldwell and Gregory posted in every laundry room.

For computer, internet, or cable TV problems, contact Information Technology Services at 460.5470.