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Returning Applicant Process

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The Returner RA application process is a bit different than a New RA application.  First, the Returner RA must fill out the application, due January 11, which is available internally from the RD of his or her complex. In addition, RAs applying as returners should submit a resume to their RD. The resume should be one for professional employment and include an articulation of the RA position in addition to other work experience and activities.

If the Returner RA wants to stay in the same complex, they should indicate that in the application process and it will be reviewed by the RA selection committee and the RD of that complex for approval.  If the Returner RA wants to move to a new complex, the RA will sign up for a time to interview with RDs from that complex and similar complexes. Once the selection process is complete, Returner RAs will receive offers to stay in their previous complex or move to a new complex. Returner RAs will then have the option to accept their position as an RA for the upcoming year! Returner RAs should talk with their RD about any questions or concerns they may have about the process.