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Dr. Judy Skeen

Dr. Judy Skeen
Fidelity Hall 304b
Phone: (615) 460-6273

Dr. Judy Skeen joined the faculty of the School of Religion in fall of 1998. Her areas of specialization include biblical studies, spiritual formation, human development, environmental stewardship and wisdom literature.

Her dissertation combined her interest in the book of Hebrews with the study of early Christian pilgrimages. During her graduate studies she pursued her interests in the Gospels, New Testament Greek, Early Christian Spirituality, and Pastoral Care and Counseling.

While her daydreaming often includes Native American wisdom, reconnecting to nature and gazing at some of her favorite spots in the Montana Rockies, these days you’ll find her ready to talk about how humans can learn from spending time in the company of horses. “People seeking God has always been important, but these days it seems to me the need to experience meaning in the way we live is more important than ever. That's why I teach about the connection between God and all creation. While my area of study has been primarily the New Testament, I enjoy teaching both Old and New Testament courses, watching the relationship between God and humanity grow. I'm delighted to be teaching at Belmont, a place where classroom learning and teaching are highly valued. I live close to the campus and enjoy the neighborhood feeling there. If you find me day dreaming, it's most likely about a great song I heard this week or a great memory of my years in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. Come on by and I'll show you pictures while I hum the tune.”