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Undergraduate Degree Requirements

1. 128 semester hours of undergraduate work (course number 1000 and above), must be taken in residence at Belmont University. (Please note the requirements for Bachelor of Music 132-141 and  Bachelor of Science in Nursing 130-132).

2. The last 32 semester hours of course work on which a degree is granted must be done in residence at Belmont.

3. 'C' average on the total hours attempted at Belmont University.

4. 24 hours of a student's major (except Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics where 22 hours are required) must be courses numbered 2000 or above.

5. A minor of 18 hours is required of every student except majors in Nursing, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Business Administration, students who have double majors, or those seeking elementary licensure.

6. 'C' average is required over all work done in both the major and the minor areas (including transfer work used to meet degree requirements).

7. A minimum of 12 hours of the major and 6 hours of the minor must be taken at Belmont.

8. A student may graduate by meeting degree requirements listed in the catalog for either the year in which she/he enters Belmont University or the one for the year in which she/he graduates. The general policies and procedures in the latest edition of the catalog are always applicable to all students. A student who is not enrolled for a period of two (2) consecutive academic years must meet the graduation requirements for either the catalog under which they re-enter Belmont or the one for the year in which they graduate.

9. Students must attend commencement for a degree to be conferred.

10. To receive a second Bachelor's degree the candidate must meet all requirements for the second degree and must complete at least 24 additional hours at Belmont University over and above the number of hours required for the first degree.

11. No more than one-fourth of any curriculum leading to a degree, certificate, or diploma may be taken by extension and/or correspondence courses (online or by mail).

12. At least 64 hours must be taken from accredited senior colleges and universities.

13. It is the student's responsibility to check with the advisor regarding the applicability of extension work to the Belmont degree program prior to enrollment at another institution.

14. The holder of a Bachelor's degree from another university wishing to pursue a second degree from Belmont University must complete all the following requirements:

-- A minimum of 32 hours must be completed at Belmont.

--Students who have previously completed a four-year, baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. university shall be exempt from General Education requirements at Belmont, except for the six-hour Religion requirement. When more than one degree option is available for a student's major (e.g. BA and BS degrees), the General Education Council will examine the past degree received and determine the appropriate degree to be conferred. (Note: Students pursuing BA or BM degrees must complete the specified Foreign Language requirement for their degree.)

The requirement for a minor is waived for students who have an earned Bachelor's degree from another institution.

15. To fulfill graduation requirements, students must earn a specified number of credits as designated in the University Convocation Program. (See page 52 of The Guide).