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The Office of the Registrar is located on the first floor of Freeman Hall next to Belmont Central. Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Main Office Phone:  615-460-6619
Fax:  615-460-5415
Email: registrar@belmont.edu

Dr. Steven Reed
University Registrar
E-mail: steven.reed@belmont.edu  
Phone: 615-460-6619

LaKiesha Armstrong
Associate Registrar
E-mail: lakiesha.armstrong@belmont.edu  
Phone 615-460-6325

Ginger Bossier
Associate Registrar
E-mail: ginger.bossier@belmont.edu  
Phone: 615-460-6006

Dr. Patricia Chaffin
Assistant Registrar
E-mail: patricia.chaffin@belmont.edu  
Phone: 615-460-6442

Linda Mullins
V.A. Education Counselor
E-mail: linda.mullins@belmont.edu  
Phone: 615-460-6871

Shelly Paul
TELS Coordinator
E-mail: shelly.paul@belmont.edu  
Phone: 615-460-6488

Elena Sokol
Office Manager
E-mail: elena.sokol@belmont.edu
Phone: 615-460-6193

Adam T'Koy
Registrar Specialist
E-mail: adam.tkoy@belmont.edu
Phone: 615-460-6448

Misty Wellman
Academic Audit Analyst
E-mail: misty.wellman@belmont.edu  
Phone: 615-460-6069