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Deadlines for Grades

This Grade/GPA/”Standings” schedule is the same for every academic term

Day Action
Wednesday before Graduation Commencement
at noon.
Graduating Student grades rolled to student transcripts and final GPAs calculated for this group only.
Friday before Commencement in May (day of commencement Aug and Dec.) at 1pm Only grades already entered by faculty at this time “roll” to student grade report. GPAs and Academic Standing NOT calculated or posted yet.
Monday after Commencement All final grades are due from faculty by 8am
Tuesday after Commencement By 10am all final grades are rolled to student grade reports/transcripts. GPAs are calculated and finalized. Academic Standings are completed and posted.

Students may check grades through MY BELMONT; Banner Web; Student Services; Student Records (select term). Students are also encourage to check their DegreeWorks audit.