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Grading Policy

Student Classification

Each hour of academic work taken for credit in the university is evaluated in terms of its relative quality, as shown by the grade received in the course. The various grades and their corresponding quality points are:

A 4.0 quality points for each hour of credit.
A- 3.7 quality points for each hour of credit.
B+ 3.3 quality points for each hour of credit.
B 3.0 quality points for each hour of credit.
B- 2.7 quality points for each hour of credit.
C+ 2.3 quality points for each hour of credit.
C 2.0 quality points for each hour of credit.
C- 1.7 quality points for each hour of credit.
D+ 1.3 quality points for each hour of credit.
D 1.0 quality points for each hour of credit.
D- 0.7 quality points for each hour of credit.
F 0 quality points for each hour of credit.

All courses offered for academic credit at Belmont University shall be graded on the following basis except as described below.

A/A- Grade of distinction
B+/B/B- Represents excellent work, above average
C+/C/C- Indicates average work
D+/D/D- Represents minimally acceptable work
F Indicates non-acceptable work; no credit is received.
P Indicates that the student has satisfactorily completed and passed the course and credit is earned.  It does not count in the student's grade point average.

Review the current academic catalog for the complete academic grading policy.

Repeating of Courses

The student may repeat any course which was previously taken at Belmont if the student wishes to improve the grade. The student will not be allowed to repeat the course more than once with the exception of an “F” grade which may be repeated an unlimited number of times. The last grade earned will be posted to the transcript as the officially recognized grade for the course unless it is lower than the first grade. The original grade will remain on the transcript but will not be figured into the cumulative grade average. All “repeat” courses must be taken at Belmont. A course grade transferred from another institution may not be removed by repeating the course at Belmont.

Midterm & Final Grades
Students may view midterm and final grades through their BannerWeb account.

Midterm grades may be viewed by the student once the grade is posted by the instructor.

Final grades are available after instructors post the grades in BannerWeb, and the Office of the Registrar completes the academic procedures at the end of the term. Grades are rolled to academic history three times after the last day of final exams: Wednesday-graduating students; Friday- all other grades; and the final procedure on the following Monday. Grade reports are not mailed. Students may print an unofficial transcript or request an official transcript through BannerWeb.

How to access grades through BannerWeb

  1. Select ‘Student Service and Financial Aid’ Menu 
  2. Select ‘Student Records’ 
  3. Select ‘Midterm Grades’ or ‘Final Grades’ 
  4. Select a ‘term’ from drop-down list Choose 'Submit'