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Orthopedic Performance

Orthopedic Lab & Classroom
Students in the orthopedic laboratory/classroom, reviewing a radiology slide. 

Gait Parameter Equipment
Picture of the Gait-Rite™ system that allows rapid determination of a number
of gait parameters, such as cadence, stride length, step length, etc.

Working on Palpation Skills
Two students working on palpation skills during an orthopedic
evaluation laboratory exercise.

Learning about Upper Extremity Motion
Orthopedic instructor Dr. Mike Voight providing an overview of
movements of the scapulae associated with upper extremity motion.

Making custom orthotics
Students and a guest instructor (podiatrist Dr. Ed Glaser) obtaining
foam molds that will permit the construction of custom orthotics.

Faculty Demonstration
Faculty member Dr. Kevin Robinson assessing cruciate
ligament laxity with a KT 2000™ arthrometer.

School of Physical Therapy
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